Town of Wendell, Massachusetts

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Home Broadband Committee Minutes 2-7-2006

Minutes 2-7-2006

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Stephen Bannasch, Dave Scott, Alfred Nutile, Marty Osterbach, Aron Goldman, David Powicki, Lisa Hoag, Robbie Leppzer, and Robbie Heller present.

Lisa Voted Chair.

Robbie Heller voted secretary.

Opened up to a joint SLBC + WBC meeting.

Wireless zoning laws discussion relating to possible tests. Robbie Leppzer will talk to assessors about Locke Hill Tower and find out who exactly owns it.

T1s in Wendell -- library and WCS as possible hot spots -- Lisa Hoag and Alfred Nutile lead discussion.

Comcast Survey + Wendell Survey

Comcast will be asked to do a postcard survey of all three towns. Lisa will ask Gretchen Smith to put together a Wendell survey for the next Wendell newsletter, using the online survey as a model.

Verizon Wireless Cell tower comming to Puffers Pond (EV-DO)... -- report from Aron Goldman. Shutsbury and Leverett select boards to write letters to Verizon and EV-DO technology on the Puffers Pond tower.

Underserved Communities Pilot Project + Pioneer Valley Connect update -- report from Aron Goldman.

SLBC/WBC merger discussion.

Probationionary joint meeting period for the next 3 months. Next meetings: March 14 at 7pm in Leverett, then April 11 at 7pm in Shutesbury.

Voted to accept David Scott as member on the WBC.

Report on proposal for money from the towns to hire consultant for study. Still needs work. See:

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