Town of Wendell, Massachusetts

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Home Broadband Committee Wendell Broadband Meeting 4/11/06

Wendell Broadband Meeting 4/11/06

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Minutes taken by Robbie Leppzer.

Meeting called to order: 7:05pm at Shutesbury, Town Hall (joint meeting with Leverett-Shutesbury Broadband Committee.).

Present: Lisa Hoag, Robbie Heller, Robbie Leppzer and Dave Scott from Wendell. Plus Weezue (Marie Louise) Houle, Steve Rice, Aron Goldberg, Rob Brooks, Dan Mishkirel, Frank Citino, David Powicki and Stephen Bannasch from Shutesbury and Leverett.

  • WBC minutes from last month approved.
  • New member process explained.
  • Report back and discussion of Leverett Pilot Study preview which took place last month at the Leverett Town Hall on March 16, 2206. Lisa Hoag and Robbie Leppzer from Wendell attended. Interest was expressed to forward proposals to build a fiber-loop through Shutesbury, Leverett and Wendell, as a back-bone to a possible future wire-less network.
  • Discussion of a test of wire-less equipment in each of the three towns.
  • Discussion of progress of demand survey for internet use in the three towns. A survey will be included in the next Wendell town newsletter which has not yet been mailed out.
  • Discussion of some issues involving town regulations and permits needed for doing a wireless test in the three towns.
  • Stephen Bannasch announced that he had created a "wiki" open-access site for community web communications at regarding broadband.
  • Next meeting on May 9 in Wendell. We agreed to rotate each meeting Leverett, Shutesbury and Wendell on the second Tuesday of each month.
  • Joint meeting adjourned at 8pm.
  • Wendell BC continued meeting.
  • Discussion of zoning regulations possible modifications involving towers to allow for wireless transmission for broadband use. Lisa will liason with the Wendell ZBA about zoning issues, Robbie Leppzer will liason with American Tower to inquire about possible use of the Locke Hill tower for a wireless equipment test, Robbie Heller will liason with Crocker Communications about technical issues.
  • Dave Scott will research the Leverett-Shutesbury Broadband Committee mission statement as part of developing a Wendell Broadband Committee mission statement.
  • Wendell BC Meeting adjoined 8:41pm.