Town of Wendell, Massachusetts

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Home Broadband Committee Minutes 6-13-2006

Minutes 6-13-2006

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Meeting came to order at 7:15pm

Intros. Present were: Robert Heller, David Powicki, David Scott, Frank Citino, Dan Mishkirel, Stephen Bannasch, Tom Williams, Weezie (Marie Louise) Houle, Aron Goldman (arrived late), Rob Brooks, Sarena Neyman, and Robbie Leppzer.

Agenda approved.

Minutes from last month: approved.

Brief discussion about MA State Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy developments -- more from Aron later.

Wireless town arrangements updates:

Robert Heller for Wendell -- no major new news

Weezie Houle for Shutesbury -- no major new news

Robert Brooks for Leverett -- Tests are acceptable with no special permitting.

Dual purpose windmill behind the Shutesbury Town Hall? (Stephen, Frank)

Stephen reported that the Motorola Canopy will work on the windmill tower and there is a large subsidy for the windmill towers.

MA State Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy developments

Aron reported on the political issues with respect to PVC.

Aron also talked about contacting Stan Rosenberg and Steve Kulik about the Leverett Undeserved Community Study and to ask them to work with Senators Pacheco and Morrissey.

Aron needs to work on making the Leverett Undeserved Community more of a three town proposal.

Crocker wireless update -- Aron

PAron need to talk to Matt Crocker to connect Matt Crocker with Tom Williams.

Matt Crocker seems to be moving along - he has contracts from American Tower and is about to buy the starter set.

Other business -- Aron

Comcast seems to be looking at driveway lengths (?) -- Comcast might be revisiting providing service in our towns.

Meeting adorned at 8:45pm