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Police Succession Update

The Wendell Police Succession Committee would like to update Wendell's
residents about the developments in the policing of Wendell.

Starting on October 15th, all police services for Wendell will be
contracted through the town of Leverett, coinciding with the retirement of
Chief Ed Chase. The Wendell Selectboard will enter into a short-term
agreement with the Town of Leverett to provide essential police services,
such as responding to an emergency, for 90 days. This 90-day agreement will
be through mutual aid or Memorandum of Understanding contract.

New contact information:
For emergencies: please call 911
Shelburne Control Dispatch non-emergency: 413-625-8200
For non-emergency situations (including firearm permits):
Leverett Police Station: 413-548-4994
Leverett Fax: 413-548-9100
Email:  police

The committee recommended Wendell Selectboard enter into a contract for
police services from the Town of Leverett. The recommendation came after
carefully reviewing possible police coverage models supplied by a
consultant hired using grant funds for this purpose. Our goal was to keep
policing local, affordable, current with police policies, and with a
continued focus on community policing.

As we stated in the September publication of the town newsletter, the
committee would like to thank Ed Chase for his emphasis on de-escalation,
mediation, care, and understanding of the community.

A message from Ed Chase:

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to the citizens of Wendell, the
neighboring agencies who have assisted when called upon, and the officers
who have worked with me over my 42 years as chief.
I have been proud of the integrity and success of this police department.
It has been a privilege to serve the town of Wendell.
If you would like to send a letter of gratitude to Ed Chase for his
commitment and service to Wendell, please address them to:

Ed Chase
PO Box 41
Wendell MA 01379
Wendell will develop a municipal aid agreement with the town of Leverett,
its Selectboard, and Leverett Chief Scott Minckler for contracting of all
police services. The committee is heartened by the Leverett Selectboard and
Chief Minckler's willingness to work within the new timeline and be
prepared to begin a contract with Wendell on October 15th.

The committee's understanding is that the approved budget for police
services for the fiscal year 2020 will be sufficient to cover the expenses
of Leverett's contracted services.

Wendell and Leverett's Select boards will continue to work on an agreement
of municipal aid to extend to the end of the 2020 fiscal year (June 30th,
2020). The towns then plan to enter into a full year contract of police
services. The police budget for FY 2021 will remain similar to that of FY
2020 unless additional services, such as patrolling, are requested by

The Police Succession Committee has been very impressed with the work Chief
Minckler (call him Scott) has put into working towards this transition. The
Leverett Police Department strongly believes in communication,
transparency, and resolving situations peacefully. They are proponents of
community policing, something modeled by the Wendell Police department for

Examples of Community Policing in Leverett:
   -Be present and open to conversations. Let citizens know the officers are
   people and are there for more than arrests. They have personal interests
   and are your neighbors.
   -Wednesdays are national "Coffee with a Cop" day. Scott and the officers
   would be at the Co-op to chat, get to know neighbors, let people know the
   person beyond their role as a law enforcement officer.
   - Be at pancake breakfasts.
   -Held bicycle rodeo - secured a grant for bike helmets for children.
   -Regarding issues of safety on the roads, written warnings are a priority
   when appropriate. These are reminders of why the laws are essential and
   provide education about safety issues and expectations.
   -Are willing to attend events as civilians in plain-clothes when invited
   -Having office hours

If you have questions, please contact the committee
<>; or Dan Keller <>;,
Chair pro tem.