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State of Emergency Declared

At an emergency Selectboard meeting with the Board of Health and our emergency management personnel yesterday, the Selectboard voted unanimously to declare a State of Emergency for the Town of Wendell. This decision came from an abundance of caution and does NOT reflect any changes in the state of our citizens’ health. The Emergency Declaration stated that the Selectboard has “determined that the coronavirus pandemic poses a present and reasonable danger to public health…and that immediate public action is needed to prevent, minimize, or mitigate damage to the public health."

By declaring a State of Emergency, the Selectboard is aligning Wendell with the federal government and the Massachusetts state government. We hope to send a message to everyone that your elected and appointed officials are taking the pandemic very seriously and doing everything possible to ensure everyone’s safety.

This declaration provides town government with some increased fiscal and administrative flexibility, should it be needed during this emergency. One immediate, practical tool now available to town government is that funds can be switched from one part of the annual budget to another if needed.

Of course, the best defense is for everyone to wash hands and practice social distancing. I already note excellent evidence of those practices. Stay in touch with your friends and neighbors and enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings with outdoor activities.

Christine Heard