Adam Hemingway Working Assessor 978-544-3395 ext. 4 Email
Allen W. Frost Highway Supervisor 978-544-3735 Email
Amy Simmons Board of Health Chair 978-544-3395 ext. 6 Email
Anna Wetherby Town Clerk 978-544-3395 ext. 2 Email
Asa de Roode Fire Captain
Carolyn Manley Treasurer 978-544-3395 ext. 5 Email
Cliff Dornbusch Tree Warden Email
Dan Leahy Open Space Committee Chair 978-544-6512 Email
Erin Degnan Accountant Email
Gillian Budine Selectboard Vice Chair 978-544-3395 ext. 100 Email
Glenn Johnson-Mussad Town Coordinator 978-544-3395 ext. 100 Email
Joe Cuneo Fire Chief 978-544-3500 Email
Justin Gale Building Inspector and Zoning Agent 978-895-1745 Email
Kathy Soule-Regine Assistant Tax Collector 978-544-3395 ext. 1 Email
Laurie DiDonato Selectboard Chair 978-544-3395 ext. 100 Email
Lonny Ricketts Director of Emergency Management (413) 297-2727 Email
Lou Leelyn Municipal Light Board Chair Email
Mary Thomas Conservation Commission Agent 978-544-3395 ext. 9 Email
Molly Doody Planning Board Chair Email
Paul Doud Selectboard Member 978-544-3395 ext. 100 Email
Penny Delorey Tax Collector 978-544-3395 ext. 1 Email
Raymond DiDonato Municipal Light Plant Manager Email
Robert Heller Website Committee Chair Email
Scott D. Minckler Leverett Police Chief 413-548-4994 Email
Stephen Broll Assistant Town Clerk 978-544-3395 ext.2 Email
Steven Gould Leverett Police Sergeant Email
Su Hoyle Assistant Town Coordinator 978-544-3395 ext 0 Email
Wibby Swedberg Health Agent 978-544-8072
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