Wendell Local Food Security Project


The Wendell Local Food Security Project is an initiative launched by the Town of Wendell, Massachusetts to increase the community’s food security by bolstering local production. We are a neighbor-to-neighbor network, providing support for new gardeners and collaboration for established operations, promoting the elements of a local economy around food. Get in touch at .


Support gardeners and farmers by helping establish:

• Workshops and events about food production

• Labor shares, work parties

• Mentorship connections

• Cooperative purchasing

• Shared infrastructure

• Materials recycling

• Yearly seed-swap and seed banking

• Demonstration gardens at the Community Garden

…plus we’re promoting local food to local consumers, and creating a buzz about it.


If you are a member of the community who grows food, prepares food, or eats food, you are a member of the Wendell Local Food Project. Every member of the community fills a unique role in the local foodshed, and can play a unique role in strengthening it. Leverage the support of your community to make your farm or garden dream a� reality. Volunteer for the cause using your skills as an artist, an educator, an organizer, a writer, a builder, or a visionary. Email for a list of open volunteer positions, or to suggest a role for yourself.

The Wendell Local Food Project is always seeking skilled, energetic interns willing to learn more about food production and food systems. Work to develop the organization or apprentice with our many highly-skilled farmers and gardeners.�

Wendell’s New Gardeners’ Ambassador, Nina Keller is a writer, activist, “chicken-lady,” herbalist, seed saver, perennials and grain grower and botanist. She works with greenhouse starts and overwintered greens. She’s offered to share her 40+ years of local farming experience and help people with farm and garden related interests. Contact her with your questions at 978 544-2857 or .


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