Friends of the Library

Who We Are and What We Do

Libraries need Friends! The Friends of the Wendell Free Library is a membership organization open to anyone who wishes to support and enhance the resources, services, and activities of the Library. You may join the Friends with a modest annual membership fee ($5 for an individual, $10 for a family).

The Friends promote the Library with a variety of fundraising and community-building activities. They publicize Library activities with an “occasional” Library Newsletter and maintain an active email list that keeps members up-to-date on Library events.

Many of the features of our new Library have been made possible with the support of the Friends. These include the beautifully appointed Herrick Meeting Room, including the HD projector, high quality audio sytem and 10’ screen.
We can also thank the Friends for the library skylights, the computers internet access and the WIFI connection. Friends have also generously helped purchase books, magazines and DVDs and have supported many Library programs. Passes to many local museums are also brought to you by the Friends.

The Friends of the Wendell Free Library, Inc. is a 501(c)-3 organization and all contributions to the Friends are tax-deductible. You may join the Friends and/or make a contribution at the following address: P.O. Box 133, Wendell, MA 01379.

Do “step up” and make public your support of our magnificent Library!

Donors to the Wendell Free Library Building Fund and Founding Members of the Friends of the Wendell Free Library (2005-2007)

Jen and Tamara Adkins
Joan Afferica
Lisa Aubin
Judith Bailey (Millers Falls, MA)
Richard Baldwin and Joy Brenneman
Jeffrey and Judy Bauman
Ralph C. Beaudry
Myron and Kathy Becker
Charles and Theo Bennett
Mark Borowsky and Leila Haddad Borowsky (Needham, MA)
Laura Botkin and Dale Kowacki
Mara Bright and Luc Bodkin
William and Kristina Campbell (Portsmouth, NH)
Virginia Caputo (Cambridge, MA)
Leslie Chaison and Sam Stegema
A. Parker Cleveland
Cara N. Cleveland
Jenny Coleman
Robert and Sally Collini (Framingham, MA)
Shay and Charles Cooper
John Cremins
Margo Culley
Regina Curtis and Mark Maynard (Warwick, MA)
Charles Davico (Turners Falls, MA)
Lynn Davis and Doug Tanner
Douglas Dawson
Penny and Phil Delorey and family
Asa De Roode
Ray and Laurie DiDonato
Dilman Doland (Easthampton, MA)
Boots and Sue English
Corwin Ericson
John Erikson and Emily Haddad (Vermillion, ND)
Lee Evers (Montague, MA)
Chris and David Ewell
Laurel and Bill Facey
L. Marcelle Feltman
Hal and Joyce Flynn
John and Josette Generale (Brooklyn, NY)
Sharon Gensler and Pru Smith
Loruh Golden
Nancy Graton
Cecile Guilbault
Robert and Helen Haddad
Hall Family
Anne Herrington and Tina Plette (Amherst, MA)
Theresa Hastings
Christine Heard
Rosie Heidkamp
Mary Hynes
Karen and Michael Idoine
Beth Jakob and Adam Porter
Molly Kaynor and Jerry Eide
Gloria Kegeles
Nina Keller
Shirley Keech and Mary King (Northfield, MA)
Teri Koehler
Diane Kurinsky and Steven Gross
Alia Kusmaul
James LeClair
Phyllis Lawrence and Jim Slavas
Gail LeBlanc
William Lawrence (Pittsburg, PA)
Debera Lewis
Clearwater Liberty
Little Spirit (Phillipston, MA)
Cheryl MacLear
Rick and Mary McDowell
John McKenna and Robin Driscoll
Virgina Maxwell (Haydenville MA)
Ruth Mazurka
The Meads
Nini Melvin
Anne Marie Meltzer
Adrian Montagano
Morimoto Family
Michael and Catherine Mulvehill (Norwalk, CT)
Jess Mynes
Kate Neilson (New York, NY)
Karen Nelson
Kate Nolan and Josh Heinemann
Parson-Gomberg Family
Dee Phaneus and Robin Maynard
Ina and Mason Phelps
Eileen Plzak
Claudia Pommer
Donald Pugh, Jr.
Judy and Hob Putnam
Chris Queen and Alys Terrien-Queen
Kaymarion Raymond
David and Bette Richard
Byron Ricketts
Lonny, Deborah and Addison Ricketts
The Robinson Family
Henry and Inez Rogerson (Polk City, FL)
Rosalie M. Rosser
Rona Rothenberg (Leverett, MA)
Sheila Rowe and Doreen Rowe-Garcia
Jayne Rubenstein (Shutesbury, MA)
Ian and Elyah Samilslo
Eva Schachtl
Virginia Schimmel
Sra Schley and Joe Lauer
Bejamin Schwartz
Claudia Scully
Patti and Vic Scutari
Yvette Segel
Marnie Cabenas-Skorupa and Kevin Skorupa
Nancy Shomarski
Amy Simmons
Jenn Simms
Ilina Singh and Dawn Josefski
Gretchen Smith
Adele Smith-Penniman
Al Sousa and Ann McTigue
Dorothy Stahelek
Claire Stewart
Kathleen Swaim
Helen and Philip Sweeney (Maquoketa, IO)
Susan Thibedeau (Bangor, ME)
Toldzdorf Family
Faythe Turner (Amherst, MA)
Marianne Vinal and Bob Leet
Susan and Jonathan Von Ranson
Don and Janee Stone
Peter Waters
Tom and Sylvia Wetherby
Shirley White (Greenfield, MA)
Alison Wight
Sally Wilder
Harry and Dolores Williston
Chris Wings and Su Hoyle
Lisa Winter
Alan Young (Orange, MA)
Corporate/Matching Gifts
John R. and Dorothy D. Caples Fund
Deja Brew Cafe
Full Moon Coffee House
IBM Corporation
National Evaluation Systems
Seed Systems
Wachovia Bank
Whetstone Engineering
Gifts in Memory of Elsie Diemand
Automotive Recylclers of Massachusetts, Southbridge, MA
James and Margey Carenzo, Jr. (Easthampton, MA)
Barbara Caruso
Regina Curtis and Mark Maynard (Warwick, MA)
Jack and Carol Curtiss, Greenfield, MA
Alana Day (Warwick, MA)
For the class of 1964, Mahar R.H.S.
Laurel and Bill Facey
Rodney and Toni Greenough ( Bernardston MA)
Karin Koldys (Turners Falls, MA)
Michael Idoine
From the Trust of Jane Burbank Idoine
Elsie D. Looney (Manchester, MA)
Lenore and Shunji Morimoto
Rose Ledge Companies
Sara Schley and Joseph Laur
Elsie D.Looney (Manchester, CT.)
Lois and Raymond MacIntire (Turners Falls, MA)
Kathleen Griffin Maloney (Franklin, MA)
Rosemary Mathey (Erving, MA)
Ina and Mason Phelps
Ron and Debbie Puchalski (S. Deerfield, MA)
Pat and Vic Scutari
Jane Shay (Turners Falls, MA)
Pauline Smiaroski (South Deerfield, MA)
Lawrence and Karen Tatro (Northampton, MA)
Ellen, Kevin and Peter Trousdale
Gifts in Memory of Lee Trousdale
Robert and Deirdre Cabral
Timothy and Kathleen Champagne (Holyoke, MA)
John and Mildred Donahoe (Amherst, MA)
Joan L. Dunn (Amherst MA)
Sarah Fischer (Amherst, MA)
Pat Foley
Tina and Brian Frushour (Elk Grove, CA)
Connie Goodrich (Austin, Texas)
Catherine Hawks, (Greenfield, MA)
Jeanne Kenney (South Hadley, MA)
Phyllis Lawrence
John and Jeanne Mattar (Belchertown, MA)
Vincent Melling (Florence, MA)
Michael K. Miller (Enfield, CT.)
Glenn S. Morrow,S(omerville, MA)
Barbara Noland (Amherst, MA)
Paul and Joanne Pinsky (Palo Alto, CA)
Adele Smith-Penniman
Pat and Vic Scutari
Joann Skinner (Greenfield, MA)
Rebecca Thomson (Turners Falls, MA)
Neale Trousdale (Boston, MA)
Christine Weckstrom, Southampton, MA
Helene A. Wegrzynek (Haydenville, MA)