Emergency Planning Co-Captains

The Neighborhood Emergency Planning Committee is in the process of training over 50 co-captains for their first year of service! Starting in October, co-captains will be visiting the households in their neighborhood. They may send a letter first to each household to introduce themselves. During the visit, co-captains will give their neighbors a survey (optional) in order to gather information about the household’s needs and resources that might be important during an emergency.
Once these visits are complete, Wendell will be ready for an emergency! Should an emergency be declared in town, or if co-captains perceive a local emergency, co-captains will visit their neighbors as soon as possible to check on their welfare. They will report their findings to the Emergency Command Center.
All parts of this emergency plan are voluntary. Co-captains are volunteers who have agreed to serve for at least one year. And all neighbors’ participation is also voluntary. The planning has been done by a small but dedicated committee of citizens, who felt the need for a neighborhood emergency response after our two recent emergencies, the tornado in July 2006 and last December’s ice storm. If you are not interested in being part, please let your co-captains know in a courteous manner. Otherwise, welcome these volunteers and know they stand ready to help you in case of another emergency!!