Paving Project on Wendell Depot Road on Wednesday, May 22 and plan to finish on Friday May 24

Cathy Stanton Book Event

MayMay 28 2024

6:30pm Wendell Free Library

7 Wendell Depot Road, Wendell, Massachusetts 01379

Come hear from Wendell’s own Cathy Stanton about her book “Food Margins: Lessons from an Unlikely Grocer”.

“Food Margins tells the story of a small food co-op in Orange, Massachusetts, a former mill town searching for its place in the 21st century economy.  Part memoir and part history lesson, the book traces the tangled economic and political histories of the plantation, the factory, and the supermarket through the life of one New England town and tells the story of a rural community imagining and creating a viable alternative to the mainstream in a time of increasingly urgent need to build a more socially and ecologically just food system”

Cathy Stanton is Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Environmental Studies at Tufts University. She has written widely about industrial and agricultural history and historic sites in the American northeast, none of which prepared her for the challenges of actually trying to stay afloat in the grocery business.

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