Wendell Board of Health Mask Order Update


The Centers for Disease Control and Governor Baker have revised their guidance for mask wearing. Here is how these guidelines affect us. As of May 29, Governor Baker’s administration is rescinding its face-covering order. New guidelines will be issued to be consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s updated guidance.

Until May 29, Massachusetts residents should continue to wear masks at all times in indoor public places, and outside when unable to maintain 6 feet of distance between other people. People attending events, whether inside or outside, and whether in a public or private space, should wear face-coverings except when eating or drinking. At smaller gatherings in private homes, face-coverings are recommended unless all are fully vaccinated, but they are not required.

Effective May 29, fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people will not be required to wear masks except in certain places, for example while using public transportation. Specifics will be detailed in the new advisory. However, it will be advised that unvaccinated residents continue to wear face-coverings in indoor settings and when unable to practice social distancing.

There are some vulnerable groups to consider when making your decision about wearing a mask. Children 12 -15 can now be vaccinated (Pfizer only.) Children under 12 may not be able to receive vaccinations until fall. Data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for the two weeks ending May 12 show the following:

  • There were 712 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in children ages 0-4.
  • There were 927 confirmed cases in children ages 5-9.
  • There were 1,130 confirmed cases in children ages 10-14.

While rare, Covid can cause serious and potentially fatal complications in children.

People with compromised immune systems, such as those fighting cancer, and those with certain other health conditions may not be able to get vaccinated as well. We must continue to be mindful of our friends, relatives, and others as we enter back into a more relaxed time with fewer restrictions.

Also, please remember that businesses may set their own mask requirements in their places of operation. Please respect their concern for their employees and staff and comply with their requests.

Thank you for all the months of patience, sacrifice, consideration, and persistence you have demonstrated in our combined efforts to fight this threat to public health. Bravo, Wendell!!

Wendell Board of Health:
Barbara Craddock, Chair
Shay Cooper
Judy Bailey
Wibby Swedberg, Health Agent
Paul Wanta, Board of Health Nurse