Draft Of Revision For Water Testing Regulation


D. Water Testing Regulation for the Transfer of Property (as per MADEP)

1) Prior to selling, conveying, or transferring title to real property, the owner should have tested the water of every private drinking well serving that property. A water sample from each well should be submitted to a Massachusetts certified laboratory. (Delivery within 3 hours ensures the most accurate results.)

2) Testing should be done for the following:

Total Coliform bacteria Iron

Fecal Coliform bacteria Manganese

Nitrate Chloride

Nitrite Sodium

pH Hardness

Color Turbidity

Total dissolved solids

The Basic Homeowner’s Package at most labs includes these tests.

3) While not required, testing for radon is recommended, which will incur an additional fee. Testing for other potential sources of contamination may be required if they are known to be present nearby.

4) Testing should have been performed not more than one year prior to the transfer of the property. Results of the water quality testing should be submitted to the Board of Health prior to the property transfer.

5) It is recommended that those purchasing property without the use of a realtor request that a Board of Health member or Health Agent obtain the water sample.