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Wendell's Town-Owned Network, Wendell NET, is Coming! 


 Construction begins Winter 2020.

We are currently moving along at the speed of the utility company's final work orders and at the mercy of the weather. National Grid and Verizon need to complete their lingering make-ready work on the poles when weather allows and as soon as they are finished we can progress into hanging the fiber. Home installations will happen when all fiber is hung, connected to the mainframe and tested. Current timeline of operational service will be in phases beginning Spring 2020 (weather dependent)

Interested in bringing high speed internet service to your home? 

Sign up today to become a customer! 


Sign up by making your one-time $99 sign-up/activation fee payment online:

1. Head to this link: https://unipaygold.unibank.com/ or directly to Wendell's page: https://unipaygold.unibank.com/CustomerInfo.aspx

2. Choose “Wendell, Town of” using the Search drop down box in the middle of the page.

You will then be directed to Wendell’s payment site. 

3. Choose the “Broadband” button on the left-hand side. Follow the prompts to finalize your payment.

Sign up by mailing in or dropping off your one-time $99 sign-up/activation fee payment:

 Please enclose the following information with your $99 payment: Name, Address of Service (not a PO Box), Phone number, Email address, and type of service requested Internet service; Internet and VoIP phone service; or Phone-only service.

Make the check out to Town of Wendell and mail to:
P.O. Box 145
Wendell, MA 01379
(or drop off)​
If you would like a receipt for your payment, include a SASE or email address and state that request. 

Questions? Email  or

call Alistair: 413-992-7604 or Christine: 978-544-2282


Head here to read the most current update including information about your Wired West $49 Deposit Refund.


December 2019: Canning Electric work on new poles installed to close the "Farley Gap".


October 2019: Trenching to the Wendell NET Hut - Photos by Eyes Above Franklin County - Michael Wallitis

Wendell NET Broadband committee's mission is to facilitate the acquisition and installation of a high-speed Broadband town-owned network in Wendell. We work daily on this goal with an emphasis on high speed access to our schools, library, town hall, police and fire departments, small businesses, home-bound residents, disabled residents, and seniors. We continue to analyze costs and financial options to assure fiscal responsibility during construction and operation of the net. We work closely with Wendell's Selectboard, who is the current acting Board for "Wired Wendell", our Municipal Light Plant (MLP), making recommendations to the Board (MLB) as necessary and appropriate. We also work closely with EOHED, Westfield Gas & Electric, and Whip City Fiber, our NO (network operator) and ISP (internet service provider) to assure that Wendell’s best interests are being served during the design, make-ready, light-up, and operation phases of the network. 



Wired Wendell MLP/ Wendell NET Broadband Committee December 2019 Update

Wired Wendell / Wendell NET Broadband Committee December 2019 Update

When will Wendell NET be available in Wendell?

Network construction begins as soon as the utility companies finalize their remaining work, predicted to be in early January, and will continue through winter as the weather allows. Crews will work during business hours hanging cables and network extensions between the town’s 1,300 poles, installing Multiport Service Terminals on poles, and splicing all fiber together. Once the network is fully built and tested, installation into homes will begin. Home installation will happen in tiers at the discretion of Whip City Fiber and the first tier is anticipated to begin as early as April 2020, depending on construction progress. We will continue to update residents and will reach out with a solid installation plan for specific streets once construction and testing is complete.  

Wendell NET Broadband September 2019 Update

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