Wendell Broadband June 2019 Update

When will broadband be available in Wendell?

Our current construction schedule shows the network up and running in 2020.


What is that new structure behind the Town Offices?

Our fiber network’s telecommunication hut was installed in late May and houses the components necessary to deliver fiber services and allow us to relay light signals to each of the individual homes and businesses on our town network.


Who will provide the fiber service to my home?

We are very close to finalizing and executing our town’s contract with Whip City Fiber, powered by Westfield Gas & Electric, who will be our Network Operator (NO) and Internet Service Provider (ISP). Having intimately worked with WGE/WCF during the beginning stages of design, through the make-ready process, and now into the construction phase, we have the utmost confidence in our working partnership and look forward to building the network together.


What will be the monthly cost for internet service?

High Speed broadband (1 Gbps of speed) with unlimited data is still expected to cost $99/month.


Is there an activation hookup and/or installation fee?

A one-time activation fee of $99 will apply for each subscriber. There may be an additional charge to install the service drop (connection from the road to your house). We have included an allowance of $1200 per subscriber in the construction budget which will cover the cost of a drop to the majority of houses in town. If the cost of servicing your location is more than $1200, you will be responsible for the difference. Contact the broadband committee () to get an estimate for your location. Note that the $1200 allowance is in effect only during the construction and sign up phase of the project, and requires that you become a subscriber for at least 1 year.  The cost of getting hooked up at a later date will be significantly higher since we will lose economies of scale available during the construction period.


What about phone?

VOIP (internet) phone will be available to those signed up for an internet subscription for an estimated additional charge of $20/month unlimited long distance calling throughout North America. Signing up for phone service only (without internet service) will also be available at a cost TBD (estimated to be $70/month). You can keep your existing telephone number and handset and will no longer require a landline contract. There may be a fee to break your landline contract as discussed below. 


What about TV?

More and more programming is available in streaming format online. Unlimited broadband in your home will allow you to access any and all online streaming services which would allow you to break contract with other tv providers such as Comcast, Charter, and Direct TV. Some online streaming services are free (YouTube and certain network content) but some require an additional subscription beyond basic monthly internet service.  Hulu, Netflix, SlingTV and AmazonPrime are examples of subscription content services and monthly fees vary. It is a personal and financial decision for residents to determine which online services would best suit them and their families.


I would like service! When and how should I sign up?

If you would like to get on our first-to-know list and let us know you want internet service, please get in touch by emailing the committee (). Stay tuned in the coming months as we solidify our service contract, build a Wendell sign-up website, and begin our subscriber marketing campaign. If you have spoken with us and have stated your intention to sign up, we will contact you when it is time to sign up. Soon there will be signs all over town providing information on how to sign up as well as scheduled sign up periods with committee guidance at the library. You won’t miss it! 


What about my $49 Wired West deposit?

Since we are no longer part of Wired West, you may request a refund of your deposit by sending a written, signed request (including the address of service) to:  Wired West, WiredWest PO Box 60461 Florence, MA 01062. The request must come from the person who originally signed up; if a different name is used it will be difficult to verify. Please include this information in your request: Name, Address you signed up for, Mailing address, Phone (optional), and Signature. You should receive your refund within 30 days of receiving your request.


What if I am already in a contract with an internet provider?

Early termination fees may apply for breaking a contract with your current internet provider.  Generally, the fee decreases every month over the term of your contract. These potential fees may be found on the company’s website or by contacting the committee: .

What if I have more questions? 

Please continue to attend our bi-monthly meetings (generally every other Tuesday at the Town Offices), email the committee, or head to our town webpage to read meeting minutes and updates: http://www.wendellmass.us/index.php/broadband-committee.html