Wired Wendell MLP/ Wendell NET Broadband Committee December 2019 Update

Network construction begins as soon as the utility companies finalize their remaining work, predicted to be in early January, and will continue through winter as the weather allows. Crews will work during business hours hanging cables and network extensions between the town’s 1,300 poles, installing Multiport Service Terminals on poles, and splicing all fiber together. Once the network is fully built and tested, installation into homes will begin. Home installation will happen in tiers at the discretion of Whip City Fiber and the first tier is anticipated to begin as early as April 2020, depending on construction progress. We will continue to update residents and will reach out with a solid installation plan for specific streets once construction and testing is complete.  

How do you sign up for service in 2020?

In order to commit to service and be entered into Whip City Fiber’s Customer Database, please pay your $99 sign-up/activation fee by January 1st, 2020. You may pay one of two ways:

1. Pay Online through Wendell’s UniPay payment system: First, head to this link: https://unipaygold.unibank.com/  then choose “Wendell, Town of” using the search drop down box in the middle of the page. You will then be directed to Wendell’s payment site. Lastly, click on the “Broadband” button on the left-hand side and follow the prompts to finalize your payment.

2. Pay by Mail or drop off Payment to Town Offices: Enclose the following information with your check: Name, Address of Service (not a PO Box), Phone number, Email address, Type of service requested (internet, internet and VoIP phone, or VoIP phone only). If you would like a receipt for your payment, include a SASE or email address and state that request.  Make the check out to Town of Wendell and mail to: WiredWendell P.O. Box 145 Wendell, MA 01379

What will be the monthly cost for service?

Unlimited Internet: $99/month; Internet and VoIP phone: $119/month; VoIP phone only: $80/month. Note that each town sets their rates depending on a number of factors. Some towns have a higher rate than Wendell, some lower. Wendell's rate is more conservative in forecasting costs of maintaining the network and is additionally based on the amount of residents who take service. Both the wholesale price of internet and the additional costs to run the network may decrease over time, as we realize just how many subscribers we have and assess the real world costs of the network after year one.

What if you have more questions?

Attend our bi-monthly meetings every other Tuesday at Town Offices, email the committee  , or call Alistair: 413-992-7604 or Christine: 978-544-2282