Wired Wendell / Wendell NET Broadband Committee February 2020 Update

February 20, 2020: Wendell is still waiting for National Grid and Verizon to finish the make ready work on their poles. When that is complete, actual construction of the fiber optic network can begin. The most recent expected start date is March 9th, which unfortunately is the third delay in three months. When you see those utility bucket trucks in town, cheer them on!!

Once construction starts the Broadband Committee and Whip City Fiber, our internet service provider and network operator, will hold information sessions and workshops for the public. You will have multiple opportunities to gather information and ask all your questions about broadband internet and telephone service prior to signing up.

Finally, Wendell NET now has 280 subscribers who have already paid the $99 activation fee. We are pleased that this number exceeds the Wendell Municipal Light Plant’s estimated threshold for a viable business; it is now expected that Wendell NET can support itself based on current budget projections. A little over 100 homes have yet to sign up; so if you haven’t paid your activation fee and wish to, information can be found on our website: https://www.wendellmass.us/governance/broadband-committee.html.

We welcome inquiries. Email the Wendell NET Broadband Committee: or call Christine Heard: 978-544-2282 or Alistair: 413-992-7604.