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Elected Officials

List of town officials below with date their term expires.



Laurie DiDonato 2024

Gillian Budine 2025

Dan Keller 2023

Board of Assessors

open seat 2025

open seat 2023

Martha Senn 2024

Town Clerk

Anna Wetherby 2023

Tax Collector

Penny Delorey 2023


Carolyn Manley 2023

Board of Health

Barbara Craddock 2024

open seat 2022

Judith Bailey 2023

Planning Board

Christopher Parker 2026

Mary Thomas 2025

Richard Asmann 2023

Seal LaMadeleine 2024

Molly Doody 2025


Kathleen Nolan 2022

Town Constable

Anne Diemand Bucci 2025

Cemetery Commission

Sylvia Wetherby 2025

Florence Blackbird 2024

Judith Putnam 2023

Road Commission

Michael Gifford 2024

Patrick Taylor 2025

Phil Delorey 2023

School Committee

Open seat 2024

Miriam Warner 2024

Beth Erviti 2025

Anna Wetherby 2023

Johanna Bartlett 2023

Tree Warden

Clifford Standish Dornbusch 2025

Library Trustes

Jess Mynes 2024

Mara Bright 2024

Paula King 2025

Phyllis Lawrence 2025

Judith Putnam 2023

Sylvia Wetherby 2023

Download the current list of elected officials (as of 2021).

Wendell, Massachusetts

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