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Important Changes to Local Elections

Town officials urge everyone to vote by mail via Early Voting Ballots for the safety and protection of voters and poll workers

Due to ongoing concerns related to Covid-19, the Selectboard has voted to change the local town election date from May 4 to Monday, June 1. The polls will be open from Noon to 7pm. Please note the polling hours have been shortened by one hour from the usual time, closing at 7 instead of 8 pm.

Wendell, like other towns, is making every effort to have a mail-in only election. We are still obligated to have the polls open on Election Day and so we will do that as well and as safely as we know how. In order to vote by mail, each voter must submit a ballot application to the Town Clerk; this application has been provided in this mailing. If you have additional voters in your household, you may copy this form or download it from the state web site.

You can also contact the Town Clerk for additional applications as needed, making sure to include a current residential and mailing address in your request. 

A family member cannot submit a ballot application for another voter. Once you have completed the application you still need to return it to the Town Clerk  in order to get your ballot. Please return it as soon as possible using the addressed envelope included in this mailing or by leaving it in the Tax Collector’s drop-box located in the parking lot of the Town Office Building at 9 Morse Village Road. Your application request must be received by noon on Friday May 29th.

When you receive your ballot, you will mark the ballot, seal it in the enclosed early ballot envelope (signed) and then mail the sealed envelope back to the Town Clerk via the postage paid and larger Election Ballot Envelope (provided). Use the drop-off box again if you prefer, especially if it is getting close to Election Day.  All ballots must be returned by 7pm on June 1.

List of Dates

Friday, May 22: Last day for new voters to register to vote on Election Day.
Starting today: Request a ballot application from the Town Clerk, or download same.
Noon on Friday May 29: application request deadline.
Monday, JUNE 1: Election Day, polls open Noon to 7pm.
7pm on Monday June 1: deadline for all ballots submitted to the Town Clerk.

On-site Polling Procedure

We will set up the polling place so that no more than 2 voters are in the room at the same time. The path to the voting booth will be marked with floor tape. The way in and out of the building will be set and enforced by the Constable and/or Election Warden. Voters are encouraged to bring their own pens/pencils. Between voters, the voting booths will be disinfected and the single use pencils dropped into a container at the check-out table. There is one Official Ballot and that will be posted soon at the Town Office and other points around town. The essential make-up of the ballot has already been posted.

Call with questions or clarification ASAP.

Leave message on Town Clerk answering machine and home phone number as needed.

Please communicate this information to your neighbors who are not using the listserve.

Gretchen, Town Clerk (978) 544-3395 x2; (978) 544-7186

Sheila Rowe, Assistant Town Clerk: (978) 544-2419

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