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NOVEMBER 3, 2020 Presidential Election VOTE BY MAIL APPLICATION

Those voters who completed a Vote By Mail application can expect to have their ballots mailed to them directly from the Town Clerk's Office as soon as we have received the Ballots from the State. Early October is the goal.

Anyone who chose not to vote by mail for the Primary will need to complete an application to vote by mail for the Presidential. This application can be found on-line at https://www.sec.state.ma.us/index.htm, or requested from the Town Clerk. Use the drop off box outside the Town Office Building for all applications. Once your signed application has been received, you will be mailed a copy of the ballot. Read all directions carefully, mark your ballot and seal it into the attached ballot envelope. Don't forget to include your signature on the sealed voting envelope. Use the postage paid mailing envelope to return your ballot by mail, or use the drop box.

No postage is required to return your ballot by mail. You can also deliver your ballot in person if the Town Office Building is open. Keep in mind that using the secure drop box in the parking area is the recommended way to deliver your sealed ballot to the Town Clerk on or before election day.

If you do not want to vote by mail, you can still vote in person on Election Day. Polls will be open 7am to 8pm. There is also a two week period starting October 17 and ending October 30 for voting EARLY IN PERSON. No application is required for Early Voting. Just show up and vote!


Please call or email the Town Clerk with any questions.

(978) 544-3395 x2; (978) 544-7186;

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