Temporary Change in WRATS Procedures

Due to the escalating concerns over the Covid19 virus, and concern for the welfare of the WRATS attendants, there will be a temporary change in the services available at the WRATS.

Beginning Tuesday March 17, the WRATS Office shed and the larger Recycling shed will be closed, and residents are asked to store their bottles and cans for a hopefully brief period. That will mean that the WRATS will not take in any returnables, recyclables or free store items.


The WRATS will take any of the usual items in the cardboard/paper compactor, the trash compactor, and the open-top container for construction debris, as well as the metal recycling and the Compost bins.

Please note that the attendants have been told not to handle any cash or make change nor sell any bags during this period, nor to assist with handling any materials for our residents. Residents can place any money or checks for the open top or for trash in a box provided by the attendants or pay at a later date.

Residents should bring their own gloves for opening and closing the compost pails. Also, please give the attendant plenty of room to work; we hope to keep them safe, and no one knows for sure how the virus travels!

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary policy may cause, and thank you for your understanding that it is intended to minimize any risk of infection to the attendants. For those of you who have been keeping up with the news from the medical experts, these changes are consistent with the larger efforts to minimize the spread of the virus. The town thanks you for your assistance in this effort.

Phil Delorey
Wendell Road Commissions