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Case Study of Regional School Assessments ver 1_07


This case study by the Wendell FinCom presents the effects of the current Aggregate Wealth model for education funding in Massachusetts on the assessments levied on member towns in the Mahar Regional High School District.

We show that the Aggregate Wealth model results in significantly distorted high per-student assessments for one of the towns in the district [Wendell]. By a variety of official measures, this town proves to be one of the least wealthy towns in the district.

We present a prototype modification to teh Aggregate Wealth model that restores balance to the per-student assessments while maintaining the current district-by-district allocation of state Chapter 70 aid.

Submitted By:
Jim Slavas (Spraylab)
Submitted On:
09 Aug 2011
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209.53 Kb
File Author:
Jim Slavas
Submitted On:
08 Aug 2011