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Modified Aggregate Wealth workbook


This is a workbook developed by the Wendell FinCom as a companion to our Case Study of Regional School Assessments ver 1_07 also available on this site. The workbook presents the district-by-district effects of implementing our Modified Aggregate Wealth Model on the required Minimum Contributions of their members.

The workbook calculates the FY2011 Minimum Contributions of the member communities under both the current Chapter 70 Aggregate Wealth model and our Modified Aggregate Wealth model. By simply selecting the regional district of interest from the drop-down menu, the workbook displays the members' Minimum Contributions under both models in tabulated and graphical formats.

The workbook is based solely on public data available from the Departments of Education and Revenue.The workbook contains no macros.

Submitted By:
Jim Slavas (Spraylab)
Submitted On:
09 Aug 2011
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423.50 Kb
File Author:
Jim Slavas
Submitted On:
09 Aug 2011