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Elizabeth Swedberg, Health Agent

Address: Board of Health 9 Morse Village Rd, Wendell, MA 01379

Mailing Address: Board of Health P O Box 41, Wendell, MA 01379

Phone: 978-544-3395 X 106

Fax: 978-544-7467

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month starting at 7:00p.m. (Subject to change)


Wendell Board of Health Updates

Halloween: The Wendell Board of Health voted during Monday’s meeting to concur with the decision made by the New Salem Board of Health to cancel organized Halloween activities. We feel that this year Halloween is best celebrated at home with members of the same household. Hopefully, by next October the public health situation will return to a more normal state.

Flu vaccinations: Anyone over the age of six months should get a flu shot. Those over 65 should get the high-dose version for seniors. You can be vaccinated by any licensed pharmacist, who can administer the shot to anyone three years of age or older. Most pharmacies do not require an appointment, and the vaccination is covered by most insurance. Please don’t skip this one; getting the flu may make you more susceptible to the coronavirus.

COVID-19: While Wendell has done an excellent job of preventing COVID from spreading into our town, with indoor weather fast approaching we must maintain our vigilance. The MA Department of Public Health reports that, statewide, many new cases are coming from households. There are also reports of transmission between members of higher-contact organized sports, including ice hockey, field hockey, and regular football.

Recent research shows the coronavirus can remain viable on glass surfaces and cell phones for up to 28 days in a lab. Please clean your cell phone regularly, especially if you share it with others or use it in public places. It’s yet another reason to keep washing your hands.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health would like help in identifying state needs resulting from the impact of COVID-19. Anyone age 14 or over can complete a survey at https://www.mass.gov/COVID19survey. This will help the MADPH assess any needs Wendell may have. No identifying information will be asked of you. The survey lasts until October 30.

Stay safe and stay well,

Wendell Board of Health:
Barbara Craddock, Chair
Shay Cooper
Judy Bailey
Wibby Swedberg, Health Agent

Board of Health warning: Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Mosquitoes positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis have been found in the Wendell area. While human cases are rare, this disease is extremely dangerous. For information on symptoms and preventive measures, please go to EEE Fact Sheet. Copies are also available on the Wendell Country Store bulletin board, at the Wendell Free Library, and at WRATS.

Mass211 Phone Line for COVID-19 Information

Dear Wendell,

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has created a Mass 2-1-1 phone line to provide real-time COVID-19 information, resources, and referrals in multiple languages. By calling 2-1-1, you can get information about COVID-19 prevention, symptoms, and treatment; testing; and guidance about travel. The line is open to callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents with questions can call 2-1-1 from any landline or cellphone. You will hear an automated menu of options. Press 2-6 for coronavirus. The line has 17 staff answering calls. This information line is a free service.

Wendell Board of Health:
Barbara Craddock
Judy Bailey
John Sullivan
Wibby Swedberg, Health Agent

COVID-19 Response Updates

Dear Wendell residents,

Here are updates received by the Board of Health:

Governor Baker has extended the Stay at Home advisory until May 18, to be updated at that time. Social groups are still limited to 10 with maintenance of six feet of physical distancing. We should continue the hygiene and sanitizing practices that we have been using. In addition, he has issued an order requiring anyone over the age of two to wear a mask or cloth face covering over their mouth and nose when in a place open to the public, whether outdoors or inside, when a distance of about six feet from other people cannot be maintained. Those who are unable to wear a face covering because of a medical condition are exempted. This order applies to all workers and customers of businesses and other organizations open to the public that are permitted to operate as COVID-19 Essential Businesses. Masks are required at all times within stores, and while in vehicles used for transportation services. If a customer refuses to wear a mask or cloth covering for non-medical reasons, a business may decline entry to the individual. This order is effective on Wednesday, May 6, and remains in effect until further notice.

In other news, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has created a Contact Tracing Collaborative to help control the spread of COVID-19. If you or someone you have close contact with should test positive for COVID-19, someone from the COVID Community Team will contact you by phone. Your caller ID will show the call is coming from 833-638-1685 or from 857-305-2728. Please answer the call. This call is permitted by the HIPAA Privacy Rule since it is used to control disease. Your name will not be released. Contact tracers will never ask for social security numbers or health insurance identification numbers. Your cooperation is essential to slow the spread.

Wendell Board of Health:

Barbara Craddock, Chair
Judy Bailey
John Sullivan
Wibby Swedberg, Health Agent
Patricia Miller, Clerk

Country Store Seating Area Closed

Dear Wendell Residents,

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Governor Baker has prohibited gatherings of more than 25 people and on-premises consumption of food and drink. In compliance with that order, the Wendell Selectboard and the Wendell Board of Health are asking customers who buy coffee, baked goods, and other foods at our Country Store to do so on a take-out basis. The seating area at the store is now closed. While this may be an inconvenience for some, it is necessary to protect the health of us all. Please be considerate and respectful to our Country Store workers as they continue to serve you. Patience and kindness are most needed during difficult times. We appreciate your cooperation.

Wendell Selectboard
Wendell Board of Health

Wendell, Massachusetts

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