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The Wendell Broadband Committee

The committee's mission is to facilitate the acquisition and installation of a high-speed Broadband network in Wendell. Daily we work to bring internet and technology to the entire town with an emphasis on high speed access to our schools, library, town hall, police and fire departments, small businesses, home-bound residents, disabled residents, and seniors. We continue to analyze costs and financial options (whether in committee or by acquiring consult) to assure fiscal responsibility during construction and operation of network and work closely with Wendell's Selectboard, who is the current acting Board for "Wired Wendell", our Municipal Light Plant (MLP), making recommendations to the Board (MLB) as necessary and appropriate. We continue to work closely with EOHED, Westfield Gas & Electric, and Whip City Fiber, to assure that Wendell’s best interests are being served during the design, make-ready, light-up, and operation phases of the network. 

After many years of hard work, we are now underway. The current goal of operational service is mid-2020. 

Interested in bringing high speed internet service to your home? 

Residents can now take preliminary steps to secure delivery in 2020 and be entered into the database for service. 

1. Head to this link: https://unipaygold.unibank.com/

2. Choose “Wendell, Town of” using the Search drop down box in the middle of the page. You will then be directed to Wendell’s payment site. 

3. Choose the “Broadband” button on the left-hand side. Follow the prompts to finalize your payment.

Note: an email account is required to receive service and to activate your account. 

Residents with underground installations should sign pay their $99 activation fee today as our goal is to install conduit for 2020's underground drops before winter sets in. 

Email broadbandcommittee.wendellmass.us to take preliminary sign up steps and receive regular email updates. 

September 2019 Update is available here.



2018 Annual Report

The committee met in 23 regular sessions throughout the year for a cumulative 51.26 hours of meetings in conjunction with the select board, the acting Municipal Light Plant Board (MLPB), representing 385 human unit hours, committed to regularly scheduled meetings.

Everyone as individuals and groups worked tirelessly beyond the regular meetings to accomplish the necessary assignments to further the effort of bringing a modernized communication network to Wendell within task groups, phone conferencing, inter-town and state sponsored workshops, outreach networking, email responses, government/corporate liaising, not to mention the comprehensive note taking and archiving, and certain research by our volunteer clerk, Wanita Sears.

Joint Broadband Committee 2018 Spring Update

 Progress on the Wendell Broadband project is picking up speed. Since our winter update, we have passed several important design milestones and become aware of new potential sources of funding. A number of aspects of the project remain to be finalized, but at this point we have a clear idea of what information is needed in order to do so. Current projections show the network going live in September 2019.

Jan 2018 Update from the Joint Broadband Committees

A number of important pieces of the broadband project have fallen into place since our last newsletter update. On the construction side, we are now solidly into the design process with our partner Westfield Gas and Electric (WGE). A big piece of the operations puzzle fell into place with the Selectboard signing a MoU (memorandum of understanding) with WiredWest to negotiate a contract for their services to manage the network, once it has been built.


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