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Crews are working daily and reports of crew locations are posted to the list serv each morning. Please drive carefully, slow down when approaching work areas, and practice social distancing with crews and police to keep everyone safe.

If you have already spoken with the Broadband Committee and have paid your one-time $99 activation/sign-up fee in 2019/2020, you have been entered into the customer database. Please check your email for correspondence from Whip City Fiber.


Wendell NET Whip City Fiber

If you have not started the process to sign up, head to Wendell NET's website and navigate to the "Click Here to Sign Up" button on the home page to begin the process. Your one-time $99 activation/sign-up fee will be added to your first bill: https://www.whipcityfiber.com/wendell/


Wendell NET Installs by Tri Wire

Intallations Provided by TriWire/Whip City Fiber

Network construction is a multi-step process and each step is being completed as efficiently as possible while maintaining the health safety of the crews. As other towns ahead of us complete their projects, even more crews will be available to come to Wendell to speed up our build. The town is divided into three FSAs or Fiber Service Areas. Construction starts at FSA 1 (bottom third of town) then proceeds to FSA 2 (upper east region), then FSA 3 (upper west region). Crews may also skip around to any FSA as they see fit. 

There are several construction stages during the build of the broadband infrastructure. The stages are:

1. Strand - A steel cable is hung between each pole in town;
2. Fiber - Fiber optic cable is hung between each pole;
3. Lashing - Fiber cable is lashed to the strand;
4. MSTs - Multi-port Service Terminals are placed, which will provide the connectors between our home's cable and the distribution network cable on the road;
5. Splicing - Individual fibers from the bundle in the fiber optic cable are spliced to MSTs; then
6. Testing - Each terminal of the MST is tested for connectivity back to the hub at town offices.

Once testing is complete and the FSA receives official certification, installations can begin. This is still a few months out. We will notify everyone when we are getting close to installations as Whip City will be reaching out to customers to schedule home installation consult visits.

Until then, we thank you for your patience and your help giving the crews positive encouragement while they continue to work in the middle of this health crisis. We are grateful that construction has not halted completely thanks to our rural and minimally populated town.

 July 2020: Pulling Fiber through Farley Road Trenching.  

Wendell NET Construction Farley Road Gap

May 2020: Suburban Propane Installing propane tank for Hut generator. 
Hut Generator Fuel

March 2020: Tree removal to prepare for fiber train track crossing on Farley Road.
Farley Road Tree Removal

December 2019: Canning Electric work on new poles installed to close the "Farley Gap".


October 2019: Trenching to the Wendell NET Hut - Photos by Eyes Above Franklin County - Michael Wallitis


Wendell NET Broadband committee's mission is to facilitate the acquisition and installation of a high-speed Broadband town-owned network in Wendell. We work daily on this goal with an emphasis on high speed access to our schools, library, town hall, police and fire departments, small businesses, home-bound residents, disabled residents, and seniors. We continue to analyze costs and financial options to assure fiscal responsibility during construction and operation of the net. We work closely with Wendell's Selectboard, who is the current acting Board for "Wired Wendell", our Municipal Light Plant (MLP), making recommendations to the Board (MLB) as necessary and appropriate. We also work closely with EOHED, Westfield Gas & Electric, and Whip City Fiber, our NO (network operator) and ISP (internet service provider) to assure that Wendell’s best interests are being served during the design, make-ready, light-up, and operation phases of the network. 

Wireless Internet Hotspots in Town

The Town is sensitive to the need for internet access for our citizens during the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Wendell Library has been a long-time hotspot for wireless internet. Under a special initiative from the Baker-Polito Administration, and in partnership with Westfield Gas & Electric/Whip City Fiber and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI), the Town has expanded WiFi access to the Town Offices parking lot.

Town Offices - 9 Morse Village Road
Network Name: WhipCityFiber
No Password Required
Access Area: parking lot

NOTE: Citizens are asked and urged to follow social distancing practices, including not to congregate in groups, remaining in vehicles while accessing the WiFi network, and maintaining six foot distance.  Signage around social distancing measures has been placed in the parking lot.  The Town Offices are currently closed to the public, however our town employees who are reporting for work must still access the building.  Four parking spaces designated for Town employees have been marked with cones.  Town employees will access the building via the front entrance (closest to the road).  Please keep this entrance clear.

Wendell Library - 7 Wendell Depot Road
Network Name: wendelllibrary
No Password Required
Access area: parking lot

NOTE: Citizens are asked and urged to follow social distancing practices, including not to congregate in groups, and to remain in vehicles while accessing the WiFi network, and maintaining six foot distance. The Wendell Library is currently closed to the public.

Wired Wendell / Wendell NET Broadband Committee March 2020 Update

March 1, 2020: National Grid and Verizon have finally finished the make ready work on their poles. Construction of the fiber optic network has begun! Crews will be out each day working to complete the network build-out, starting in the south-east section of town. Phase one involves hanging strand between poles to support the hardware and fiber cable. Please drive cautiously and give crews and officers on duty ample safe space to work. We will post on the list serve each day to alert residents where crews will be located that day and will report any updates as they emerge.
Mark your calendars for April 25th (COVID pending) as the Wendell NET Broadband Committee and Whip City Fiber, our internet service provider and network operator, will hold an information session and sign-up event for the public at Town Hall (if COVID-19 virus precautions allow). You will have an opportunity to gather information, ask all your questions about broadband internet and telephone service prior to signing up.

Wired Wendell / Wendell NET Broadband Committee February 2020 Update

February 20, 2020: Wendell is still waiting for National Grid and Verizon to finish the make ready work on their poles. When that is complete, actual construction of the fiber optic network can begin. The most recent expected start date is March 9th, which unfortunately is the third delay in three months. When you see those utility bucket trucks in town, cheer them on!!

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