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The annual permit fee is $20 per household, due by January 1 each year.

The WRATS accepts household trash and all kinds of Bulky items for disposal. (See fee schedule show on the right)

The WRATS accepts at no charge household recyclables such as paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, aluminum products, milk cartons, etc.

The WRATS supports the Wendell Free Store which is the place where people can leave at no charge such reusable things as puzzles, games, toys, household items that someone is done with but the items are still useable.

There is also a Salvation Army drop off box where people can deposit serviceable clothing and other items.

As a resident of Wendell you have access to at least six Household Hazardous Waste collection events each year:

We have for Sale

  • Compost Bins (yard size) $25 for Wendell residents and $45 for non-residents

  • Compost Bins (Kitchen size) $5.00

  • Recycling Bins $8.00


Wendell Highway Department

Franklin County Solid Waste Management District

Franklin County Hazardous Waste Collection Day

Franklin County Solid Waste Management District Super Sites (for hazardous waste collection)

Recycling Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Hazardous waste registration debacle/deletion

If you registered for the household hazardous waste collection between August 11th and August 17th your registration information has been lost and you need to register again.

Going to WRATS? Please wear a mask!

The CDC recently issued guidance advising everyone to wear masks when going out in public. This should include going to WRATS. The crew manning WRATS work very hard to allow the safe disposal of trash and recyclables for the citizens of Wendell during this difficult time. They deserve a safe working environment as well.

The Wendell Road Commission and the Wendell Board of Health require those using the services of WRATS to follow the protocol of wearing masks or other facial covering when they go there. As of Saturday, April 18th those without facial coverings will be turned away from the WRATS. Please give our WRATS workers the same consideration that you receive from them. We must continue to protect ourselves and each other, which our residents have been doing so well. We are all in this together.

Compost Bins Available (cheap)

Wendell residents can purchase an Earth Machine backyard compost bin at a subsidized price of $25. The subsidized compost bin can be purchased at the WRATS or at the Solid Waste District office. Visit The District's Composting page for information on backyard composting and the District’s office location. The town encourages all residents to remove organic material from the trash and bring it to the transfer station collection program and/or use a backyard compost bin. Approximately 25% of household trash is organic material that can be diverted to a compost collection or compost bin.

Temporary Change in WRATS Procedures

Due to the escalating concerns over the Covid19 virus, and concern for the welfare of the WRATS attendants, there will be a temporary change in the services available at the WRATS.

Beginning Tuesday March 17, the WRATS Office shed and the larger Recycling shed will be closed, and residents are asked to store their bottles and cans for a hopefully brief period. That will mean that the WRATS will not take in any returnables, recyclables or free store items.


The WRATS will take any of the usual items in the cardboard/paper compactor, the trash compactor, and the open-top container for construction debris, as well as the metal recycling and the Compost bins.

Please note that the attendants have been told not to handle any cash or make change nor sell any bags during this period, nor to assist with handling any materials for our residents. Residents can place any money or checks for the open top or for trash in a box provided by the attendants or pay at a later date.

Residents should bring their own gloves for opening and closing the compost pails. Also, please give the attendant plenty of room to work; we hope to keep them safe, and no one knows for sure how the virus travels!

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary policy may cause, and thank you for your understanding that it is intended to minimize any risk of infection to the attendants. For those of you who have been keeping up with the news from the medical experts, these changes are consistent with the larger efforts to minimize the spread of the virus. The town thanks you for your assistance in this effort.

Phil Delorey
Wendell Road Commissions

Wendell, Massachusetts

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