Wendell Planning Board Hearing




In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 40, Chapter 40A Section 5, Section 9 and Chapter 41 Section 81Q of M.G.L., the Wendell Planning Board will hold a public hearing on May 17, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Offices at Morse Village Road to consider changes to the Wendell Zoning Bylaws and the Wendell Subdivision Regulations as described below.


Article V Access, Density & Dimensional Regulations, Section B. Other Dimensional Requirements – To be changed to read:  “FRONT YARD:            The minimum distance between the front lot line and any principal building shall be 25 feet.” Remove: “The minimum distance between the front lot line and any building or structure that contains more than one(1) dwelling unit shall be 100 feet.”

Remove Article XII Large Development Review.


Add the following text in Article VI Section B, under “Site Plan Review” as the second paragraph: “The construction or renovation of one or more buildings on a single lot or contiguous lots under common ownership that will result in 10,000 square feet or more of enclosed floor area shall be subject to a Site Plan Review, provided the development or activity is not subject to a Special Permit.”


WENDELL SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS – Update of the subdivision regulations to incorporate changes in the Zoning Bylaws regarding Conservation Development and drainage, layout and performance guarantee improvements. The regulations contain the following sections: “Authority, Purpose, Applicability and Implementation; Waivers; Plan Believed Not To Require Approval (ANR); Subdivision Plans (Preliminary and Definitive); Preliminary and Definitive Subdivision Plans General Submittal Requirements; Additional Required Submittals for Preliminary Plans; Additional Required Submittals for Definitive Plans; Definitive Plan Approval and Recording; Performance Guarantees; Design Standards and Required Improvements; Project Management; Administration and Fees; Subdivision Closeout and As-Built Plans.”


On or before April 30, 2011, the proposed text of the bylaw changes and subdivision regulations under consideration will be posted outside the Town Offices for review and will be available from the Town Coordinator and at the Town Library during their regular business hours.