Upcoming Events and News

February 2020 Library Programs

All programs are FREE unless otherwise noted!

Thursdays through March
at Wendell Town Hall  

Instructor Julie Rich
Drop-in class
No experience required.
Everyone at every fitness or coordination level is welcome.


Movie to Chase the Winter Blues
Friday Feb 7  

Harriet: Live free or Die!
Based on the remarkable life of Harriet Tubman


Chi Gong (Qi Gong)
Saturday Morning 10am   
Feb 8 - 29 

Instructor Michelle Cunningham.

Ancient Chinese healing art for health and well being.

Continuation of January series.


Community Book Group
Sunday Feb 9

Discussion with Ruth Flohr.
"Driving Miss Norma; one family’s journey saying 'Yes' to Living"
by Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle.  

Copies available at the Library or through CWMARS
All welcome to read and participate

Portraits: Learning to Draw the Human Face
Wednesday   (3 sessions)  
Feb 12 - Feb. 26  

Sally Stuffin, Instructor
For inexperienced and experienced artists
Class will explore universal facial proportions and use a variety of approaches and materials.
Please preregister.

Necessity vs. Ethics in Clinical Research
Thursday Feb 13  

Clinical Trial consultant Cheryl Hayden will explore the background of “ethics” in medical clinical research and the breadth of research being done today. Followed by discussion.

Dinosaurs of Wendell
Friday Feb 14  

Presenter Cirden Kearns, Wendell 10th grade Mahar student.
Shares his research into, and passions for, the prehistoric fauna and geology of our area.

The Dragon King
Saturday Feb 22
4pm (50 minute show)
at Wendell Town Hall

Tanglewood Marionettes
Marionette puppetry at its finest
Colorful sea creatures, adventure, and a Dragon King that will knock your socks off!
Award-winning production for preK - adult   


Voyagers, Visitors, and Home
Friday Feb 28

Presentation by Dale Monette, Quabbin Wildlife photographer based on his recently released book by the same title.      

Up-cycle Tote Workshop
Saturday Feb 29

With Lou Leelyn
Tote making 201 for experienced sewers
Please preregister.   

March 2020 Highlights

Sunday Feb 9th 4pm Community Book Group.
Author talk in at Amherst Middle School  DATE TBA
Call Me American: A Memoir by Abdi Nor Iftin.
Copies available at Library or through CWMARS.




Ongoing Programs

Sunday Morning Yoga 10-11:15am.
Drop in. Suggested donation $3.00  


Monday Tai Chi 4pm
Instructor Henry Giddes. Not too late to join and catch up.                          

Tuesday Strength Training with Kathy Sward                                                                             

9:00am    Advanced $3/class
10:15am  Intermediate $3/class                     
11:30am  Beginners Free

Talk with Rosie to register!                      

Tuesday Watercolor Art Group 6pm.
Class instruction from YouTube 4
Watercolor Painting Tutorials.

Wednesday Pre-School Play Group 10-11:30am
Facilitated by Sylvia Wetherby. Drop-in.

Wednesday Senior Strength Training 10am
Instructor Marianne Vinal, OT
Gentle class for those with limited strength, range of motion, and balance challenges.

Friday Yoga  10-11:15am

with Shay Cooper
Intermediate level. Fee $8-10.

Saturday Monthly Sci-Fi Movie TBA

Saturday & Sunday AA Open Meeting 6pm


Art Exhibit January/February 2020

Upcoming Science Fiction / Horror Movie nights in 2020

For the 2020 season the Science Fiction / Horror Movie series will follow two themes: The Science Fiction theme will be robot related and the Horror theme will be haunted houses. Both of these themes are well covered in literature and on screen (big and little). Robots have been a Science Fiction staple since the early 20th century. And haunted houses are a favorite horror theme.

Forbidden PlanetA starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet's colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has. This movie features one of the most well known movie robots, Robbie the robot.
Forbidden Planet Staring: Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen
Rated: G
Saturday January 18, at 7:30pm

Wendell Flag Logo Products for Sale

Order Wendell Flag Logo Products

from Silverscreen Designs  *CLICK HERE*


Hoodies and other styles in both adult and children's sizes,

as well as tote bags, can be ordered through their website.

To avoid shipping charges, orders can be picked up at Silverscreen in Greenfield.


Adult long sleeve t-shirts can also be purchased at the Wendell Country Store,

or by calling Mez Ziemba (978) 544-3177.


There isn't an option to purchase a Wendell flag for flying as yet,

but that option should be available in the future.






Daily Exercise Classes


Toward A Community Culture of Fitness


 at the Wendell Free Library





Monday Tai Chi with Henry Giddes


     Intro event “Why Tai Chi?”

            7pm  Monday Oct. 21st Free
           Tai Chi demo, talk, video presentation and Q&A.
           Meet instructor and decide of you want to give Tai Chi a try.

     Beginners Series 1 (5 sessions)

             4pm  Monday Oct. 28th- Nov 25. Free.
             Classes will continue if there is enough interest.


Tuesday Strength Training with Kathy Sward. 

             September-May.   Registration Required!
             Each session followed by (optional) half hour round trip walk from Library.

                   9am          Advanced. $3.00/session

                 10:15am    Intermediate. $3.00/session

                 11:30am    Beginners. Free



Wednesday Gentle Strength Training with Marianne Vinal.

              10am  September -July.  Free  
              Followed by tea for those who want to stay. Drop-in class.


Thursday Beyond Barre (stretching & strength routine) with Melinda Nutter.  

        Intro Session “Why Beyond Barre?”

         10am Thursday Oct. 31. Free  Beyond Barre demo, talk, exercises, Q&A.
          Meet the instructor and decide if you want to give Beyond Barre a try. 

        Beginners Series 1 (3 sessions) 

             10am Thursdays Nov. 7, 14, 21. 10am Free  
             Classes will continue if there is enough interest.
              Each session followed by (optional) half hour round trip walk from Library.


Friday Yoga with Shay Cooper

                  10am  $8-$10.00  October - June
                  Intermediate level class. Contact directly if interested.

Saturday Chi Gong with Michelle Cunningham

          Intro Session “Why Chi Gong?”

                10am Saturday Jan. 1st Free  Demo, talk, exercises, Q&A
                 Meet the instructor  and decide if you want to give Chi Gong a try. 

           Beginners Series 1 (5 sessions)

                   10am Saturday Jan. 11th- Feb 8th.  Free
                   Classes will continue if there is enough interest.

Sunday Yoga

             10am  $3.00. November- April
               Advanced Beginner.
               Taught by a different trained instructor each month. Drop in class. 



 Most of these programs are brought to you
with federal funds
provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services
and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.
Additional funding provided by
the Friends of the Wendell Free Library and the Wendell Council on Aging.

Menu & Catalog Changes

Today there are changes to the card catalog link and library menu structure.

You can now enter words to search the catalog by directly on the library web pages (upper left in the menu bar).  There is no button; hit return and the CW Mars website will deliver your results in a new window.  This should speed the process, with one less page to load, especially for those on slow connections.  This card catalog search box is now also in the menu structure for the entire town of Wendell website so you don't even need to open the library page to get card catalog results. 

There is a separate link for kids catalog that now has the same treatment.  It will be in a new "kids" menu.

I've started a complete re-design of the library menu structure. 

Summary of changes:
- New "Research" section including online databases and other catalogs.
- Kids section
- Museum Passes in "Resources"
- Digital Media menu moved into "Resources"
- New "About" section containing info about the library as an organization

The link to the Wendell Library page has been removed from the library menu, however you can still get back to the library home page by clicking "Wendell Free Library" at the top of every library page.  (This "Wendell Free Library" title has yet to be styled).  The town of Wendell menu link is dropped and replaced by a "Wendell A-Z" drop down menu.  In the meantime, clicking the "Wendell" logo at top left will get you back to the main Wendell website.   



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