Art Exhibit Nov. 6 - Dec. 31, 2019 : Altered books and collage by Trish Crapo

Artist's Statement

This exhibit brings together many curious works I’ve never shown, or haven’t shown for a long time. Altering books or making collage have long been activities I did mostly for myself. Both kinds of work open up space in which I can experiment and play. Altering books frees me to deconstruct and reconstruct meaning, and to posit new relationships between books and readers. People sometimes ask if altering isn’t disrespectful to books but I disagree! Altering gives books new lives, rescuing them from mouldering in used book stores or on 99¢ library sale racks, or being stranded on the same person’s bookshelf for decades, unread. Collage allows me to recreate the world from broken bits and disparate scraps, a welcome super-power in troubling times.