Conservation Commission Meeting: October 10, 2023

Oct 10 2023

6:00 pm Video Conference


• Porter/Jacob RDA for driveway repair at 217 Wendell Depot Road
• 417 Farley Road violation of 2022 DOA
• Shared agent: What is our response to Keith Barnicle of FRCOG’s
email of October 3? “I’m writing today as a follow-up to our
region-wide discussion in August and to see if there might be some
capacity this month for getting together again with this smaller
group. Working together to help advance this could help additional
municipalities in Franklin County take additional steps towards
finding efficiencies with managing this important work and – also,
help others locally with a potential roadmap.”
• Cronquist monitoring report: Ava Lauer, Forestry Assistant, DCR /
Bureau of Forest Fire Control & Forestry, monitored the CR on August
8, 2023 and reports seeing hemlock “needle disease.” She does not
specify which disease. Wooly adelgid is an insect. There are also
fungal diseases.
• Fiske Pond: Still no FPAC chair. Jonathan mowed and his bill has
been submitted to the accountant. Discussion of things to do in
addition to resuscitating the FPAC.
• Procedure for getting commissioners’ signatures on permits in a timely way.
• Minutes and mail
• Items not anticipated at posting.
The public is welcome to participate using this link:

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