Library Board of Trustees

Mar 28 2024

6:30 pm Wendell Free Library

7 Wendell Depot Rd, Wendell 01379

Town of Wendell-

Meeting Notice Notice of meetings of Town Boards and Committees as required by the Open Meeting Law: M.G.L. Ch. 30A Sec. 18-25


Date of Meeting: Thursday, March 28, 2024

Time of Meeting: 6:30 PM

Location of Meeting:

Wendell Free Library Agenda Items:

1. Review Minutes

2. Director’s Report

3. Free Trees- grant money, need to decide soon

4. First Reading, Review of Library Appropriate Use Policy

5. Dog policy, Final Reading and Vote

6. Bat Box Update

7. FinCom Budget Meeting Update

8. Herrick Room Chair Recovering Update

9. Friend’s Meeting Update 1

0. Playground Update

11. Other updates

12. Other business

13. Next Meeting; set a date


Date of Posting: 3/26/24

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Miriam Warner
Library Director

PO Box 236
7 Wendell Depot Road
Wendell MA 01379
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