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Wendell Personnel Policy Review Committee Meeting September 27,2022 6 pm - 8:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: Review and make recommendations to the Selectboard as they pertain to the Wendell Personnel Policy.

Personnel Policy Review Committee Agenda for September 8, 2022 5-8 pm

Location: Town Office Conference Room
Committee Members: Mara Bright, Phil Delorey, Glenn Johnson-Mussad, Carolyn Manley, Christopher Queen, and Doug Tanner

Establish ground rules

  1. Choose Chair and note taker

  2. Decide approach – start at beginning and review each section or;

  3. Discuss voting rights of committee members who are not listed under the definition section

Discussion topics (not in any order):

  1. Vacation policy

  2. Sick pay

  3. Departmental categories

  4. Consider giving an employee a stipend for not taking health insurance. Can a waiver be signed indicating that this is a permanent decision, or must it be renewed annually during open enrollment?

  5. Update sexual harassment policy

  6. Payrate for new employees

  7. Review and update list of holidays

  8. Review pro-rated language for part-time employee re: holiday pay

  9. Review highway department and wrats hours as stated in WPP

  10. Clarify language under “Insurance” and spousal coverage

  11. Retiree insurance coverage percentage and what if a retiree reached retirement criteria but leaves to work somewhere else for a few years and then comes back 5 years later and wants the insurance?

  12. Address departments i.e.: WRATS working on holidays and holidays that fall on days an employee is not scheduled to work.

  13. Review list of positions subject to policy

  14. Review list of positions subject to probationary period (should only include permanent hires?)

  15. Under Section III. Scope of Policy – MAKE CLEAR that “except those appointed” means appointed positions NOT associated with schools.

  16. Health insurance – date of termination after employee leaves employment. Date of termination or 1st of the next month?

  17. Clarify that meeting the 20-hour threshold can be achieved by combining multiple positions. That needs to be kept in mind when having one person perform tasks for multiple positions

  18. Discuss inclusion of code of conduct for elected and appointed employees in the WPP

  19. Amend definition of Selectboard Clerk and Selectboard Recording Secretary.

Any topics for discussion not previously discussed
Next meeting: September 22, 2022 – 5 pm – 8 pm – Town Office Conference Room
Adjourn meeting

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