Herrick Room Art Exhibit Policy and Application Form

The Herrick Meeting Room Art Gallery is designed to provide opportunities for local artists to show their work to the public.  The Wendell Library Trustees consider the displays as part of the cultural and educational mission of the library (lovingly referred to as the “Wendell University”).                                                                                                                                                                      The gallery is curated and scheduled by an arts exhibit committee including representatives from the Library Trustees, the Friends of the Wendell Free Library, and the Wendell Community. The committee is appointed by the Library Trustees.
Currently, the gallery has wall-hanging space only available.

Facts and Policies

•    Scheduling: Applications for gallery use are accepted twice a year:  in September and March.  Artists will be notified of the committee’s decision in October and in April.
•    Generally, exhibits run for one month.
•    Hanging: The total wall space is about 30 linear feet.  There is a chair rail at three feet and a molding at eight feet.  There is approximately 140 square feet of available display space.  Artists are responsible for hanging and taking down their exhibits.  Professional presentation is expected.  Artists must use the molding hooks and heavyweight mono-filament provided.  No holes may be put into the walls.  Push pins or map pins and adhesives may not be used.  Labels should be placed on the works of art only.  No item heavier than what can be held safely by the hooks and mono-filament supplied may be displayed.
•    Sales and Fees: There is no charge for the use of the space. Artists, who wish to sell work, should prepare a separate sheet with numbered art pieces and corresponding price list as well as contact information.  Potential buyers will contact the artist directly.
•    If works are sold, a donation of 15% of the proceeds to the Friends of the Wendell Free Library is requested.
•    Publicity:  It is the artist’s responsibility to publicize art exhibits, send out announcement/invitations, and/or provide for an opening reception at their own expense. We refer you to the Herrick Meeting Room Policy for planning and booking  your "non library sponsored" event. Be sure to have current library hours and Meeting Room use schedule when preparing publicity.  
•    Library staff may photograph displays in order to maintain a record of the art that has been displayed. If you receive press coverage, interviews, reviews, etc. in local newspapers, please give copies of the clippings to our librarian for our files.
•    Waiver:  The library has limited insurance. The Town of Wendell, The Trustees of the Wendell Free Library, and the members of the Wendell Library Art Exhibit Committee may not be held responsible for the safety and care of works on display.
•    Limitations: The display area of our public library is open to adults and children of all ages and sensibilities.  Displays should be “family-friendly.”  The Art Exhibit Committee reserves the right to remove any works that they judge as inconsistent with family viewing.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.
Wendell Free Library –Herrick Meeting Room
Application For Exhibit

Please read information for exhibitors before applying.

  Please fill out form completely and submit to:

    The Wendell Free Library
Attn. of The Wendell Library Art Exhibit Committee.
    PO Box 236
    Wendell, MA. 01379

Deadlines for submissions are September 15th and March 15th.  Artists will be notified of decisions by October 15th and April 15th.

Name of Applicant ____________________________________________

Applicant’s Street Address _____________________________________

City / State / Zip ______________________________________________

Phone: Day ______________________    Eve. ____________________

Email Address _______________________________________________

Dates  (Month/ Year) most preferred for exhibit ___________________

Brief description of proposed exhibit
(Include medium, e.g. oil painting, photography, textiles;
and include subject, e.g. landscape, portrait, abstract; and any other relevant information):










Your work must be reviewed as part of the application process.  See next page for details.

 You may choose one of the following options.  Please check your choice and include the relevant materials.

____ Send photos with SASE representing either the work you plan to show, or typical examples of your work.  For each piece, indicate the title (if there is one), the size, and the medium. A CD with photos of your work is also acceptable.  A resume or other descriptive and/or biographical information is optional. Do not send originals.

____ Request an appointment to have your work reviewed.  We will contact you to schedule a time.  This option is recommended if you have never seen the gallery space, or if photos do not represent your work adequately.

I have read and understand the Wendell Free Library Display/Exhibit Policy and agree to comply with its guidelines.  I understand the Wendell Library accepts no responsibility for possible damage or theft of any item displayed and that all items are placed on display at the owner’s risk.

(Signature)                        (Date)

Any questions?  Please contact Rosie Heidkamp, Library Director, at the library at 978-544-3559.