Public Files Available At The Library

There is a collection of files available for access and download from the Wendell Free Library's server. These files can be either accessed from any of the public workstations in the Library_Public folder or on the Library's local network (eg via the Library's WiFi) at the URL These files include:

  • PDF maps of Arsenic and Uranium levels in wells around town.
  • Several Linux distributions (but also see
  • Computer educational materials, including the Arduino IDE, the Raspberry Pi Education Manual, and MakerSpace Bundle
  • Files relating to Wired West and Broadband.
  • The Wendell Free Library Firefox toolbar plugin.
  • Some freely available movies, including The Incredible Adventure Of Donna and Alla.
  • Recordings of public meetings held remotely via Zoom

These files are freely available to library patrons. Feel free to download them to your laptop or mobile device. Or bring a thumb drive and copy the files using one of the library's patron workstations.