Seeking Wendell Rep to Veterans’ Services District

We are looking for a Wendell Rep to the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District Advisory Board. The Board serves to provide input, advice and review of the Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District (UPVVSD).

The Board members’ duties include:

  • Meet at least two times per year
  • Help staff develop short-term and long-term goals regarding veterans services in the district
  • Participate in district employee hiring processes
  • Review and confirm assessment formulas and amounts on an annual basis
  • Review and endorse UPVVSD policies and recommended policies.
  • Review, debate, and endorse an annual budget prior to assessments being issued to member communities
  • Review and act on reports from UPVVSD staff
  • Provide input as to performance of UPVVSD staff
  • Review and advise on potential grant applications
  • Bring concerns from member communities to UPVVSD staff
  • Update Wendell Selectboard on UPVVSD budget and activities twice a year and report back to UPVVSD staff with any issues or concerns

If you would be interested in serving, please contact the Town Coordinator, Glenn Johnson-Mussad. 978-544-3395 ext. 0 |