How to upload files (for upcoming file manager)


Uploading a file

  1. Visit

  2. Point to the “HOME” menu and click “Login/Logout” from the drop-down. (If you see a longer menu here, including a “Your Details” item, then you are already logged in. Skip to step 3.)

  3. Type your user name and password in the fields and click the “Log in” button.

  4. Point to the “HOME” menu and click “Documents and Forms” from the drop-down.

  5. Click on category names to navigate to the category appropriate for your upload. In this example, we will click on “Town Government”, then “Zoning & Land Use”, and finally “Conservation Commission”. (You’ll see all categories here, you can only upload files into categories relevant to your role.)

  6. Once you have navigated to the appropriate category, click “Add”.

  7. Fill in the form.

    Here are some tips for filling out each of the fields:

    1. Title: This is the document name that visitors will see. It is good practice to make the title the same as the name of the file you are uploading, so make sure you name the file something sensible on your computer before uploading it.

    2. Category: This should already be filled in with the category you navigated to above.

    3. Short Description: Short explanatory text for the file.

    4. Select Main File: Click “Browse…” and select the file you want to upload in the dialog box.

    5. Author Name: If you are uploading this file on behalf of someone else, enter their name here. If you leave this blank, your name will be used.

  8. Click “Save”. Your file will be uploaded.

Using Uploaded Files

Where files show up

Recent files from most categories are shown on right sidebar of the associated web page. For example, the last few files from the Conservation Commission’s “Minutes Category” category are shown under the “Minutes” heading on the Conservation Commission page. When you upload a new file, it should appear on the corresponding sidebar the next time you visit that page.

Some pages use a sidebar that contains fixed links to specific files. This is used if the page must show a specific set of files, in a specific order, rather than the most recent few files. If a newly-uploaded file needs to be shown on such a sidebar, the sidebar will have to be modified manually. Consult your friendly Website Committee member for more information.

Getting a link to a download

If you need to link to a file from outside of the Wendell web site (e.g. in an email or doc):

  1. Click the blue “Download” button to the right of the download name.

  2. On the download confirmation screen, right-click on the “Download” button and select “Copy Link”. The direct download URL will be on your clipboard ready to use.