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Election Results May 2, 2022

Selectboard - Gillian Budine

Town Moderator - Kathleen Nolan

Cemetery Commissioner - Sylvia Wetherby

Town Constable - Anne Diemand-Bucci

Road Commissioner- Patrick Taylor

School Committee - Beth Erviti

Library Trustee - Phyllis Lawrence

Tree Warden - Clifford Dornbusch

Write in candidates

Mary Thomas - Planning Board

Seal LaMadeleine - Planning Board

Paula King - Library Trustee

91 people, 8% of the voting population.

Anna Wetherby
Wendell Town Clerk
Notary Public
9 Morse Village Road
P. O. Box 41
Wendell MA 01379
Tel. (978) 544-3395 x102

Wendell, Massachusetts

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