Wendell Free Library Tiny Art Show Call for Submissions

Posted on December 20, 2023

Join the Wendell Free Library Tiny Art Show!

This is a fun event for patrons of all ages to show off their art skills on an adorably small 3″ x 3″ canvas. Decorate a 3″ x 3″ canvas and return it to the library by February 9 for an exhibition. Canvases & Kits will be available starting January 2. The art will be displayed around the library from Feb. 10 to March 8. Patrons can then pick up their art at the reference desk until March 24; works left after 3/24 will be considered donations.


One canvas per person or group.

The title and subject of the work must be family-friendly.

Draw an arrow on the back of the canvas to indicate the top of your piece (i.e. This side up). Print the name and title clearly on the back of the canvas.

Patrons do not have to use the paints provided in the kits and can use any materials – objects, paper, fabric, etc – they wish except for food. All materials may be glued to the canvas, but artwork must remain 3″x3″.

Staff reserves the right to reject any canvases that do not follow these rules! By submitting your art, you are agreeing to let Wendell Free Library display, photograph, and promote your work in print, in person, and online. Patrons must fill out the registration information (name, title of piece, email and phone #) and bring it with their completed art to participate in the show.

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