A Message from the Trustees of the Wendell Free Library

A Message from the Trustees of the Wendell Free Library: 


As a Wendell resident you might be wondering when the library building will be open again, especially since some local libraries have opened their doors for very limited appointments. Our new director, Anna Lawrence, has been in regular conversation with our Board of Health and the Trustees to assess the changing landscape. With the continuing rise in Covid-19 cases, the potential for more cases with the holiday season, and concern  for the health of our citizens, staff, and volunteers, curbside service will remain as is until we reassess in mid-late January.  Even with cleaning and maintaining safe conditions, the Board of Health concurs that this is the best option for us for the time being.

We encourage you to take advantage of curbside pickup and to contact Anna with any questions or research you need help with.  She loves meeting our community and doing what librarians love to do: connecting our community with resources.  

Meanwhile, Anna has been busy.  She is taking great care safely processing books, cataloguing new circulation items, weeding unused materials, and making our collections more accessible within the library.  New part time library assistants, Jenny Coy and Robin Wilson, have been hired to replace Joy Brenneman, who retired from her position this past summer. We look forward to welcoming them in person. The library has a newly installed energy efficient heating/cooling system thanks to grant money from the Wendell Energy Committee.  We are also making plans for the future.  Soon, some of the health and exercise classes will be available via the internet.  Sylvia Wetherby will continue to do her Playgroup and stories for our little ones with the Community Network For Children Program. Other offerings are being considered for remote learning, in the spirit of “Wendell University” through library-sponsored programs using the technology and internet access now available.

So our beautiful library is alive and well, and we’re looking forward to a time when our doors can be fully open. We ask for your continued support and patience as we all navigate this unusual time.  Meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy a good book from the library!


Mara Bright, Trustee Co-chair

Anna Lawrence, Director

Phyllis Lawrence, Trustee Co-chair

Judy Putnam, Trustee

Kathy Swaim, Trustee

Sylvia Wetherby, Trustee

Michelle Wilder, Trustee