Upcoming Science Fiction / Horror Movie nights in 2019

For the 2019 season the Science Fiction / Horror Movie series will follow two themes: The Science Fiction theme will be voyages and the Horror theme will be monsters. Both of these themes are well covered in literature and on screen (big and little). Traveling to new and interesting places is a common subject in Science Fiction, since the earliest Science Fiction literature. And monsters are common feature of Horror.

20,000 Leagues Under The SeaWhat better way to decompress after the holidays than to go on a sea voyage, specificly 20,000 Leagues \textit{Under} The Sea. This is the 1957 Walt Disney production of Jules Verne's classic novel, feturing Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Paul Lukas, and peter Lorre. Not Rated
Saturday January 5, at 7:30pm

TremorsThis is the monster movie that delivers the bacon, specificly, Kevin Bacon. This is the story about underground monsters in a small southwestern town that seem to be popping everywhere... Rated PG-13
Saturday Feburary 2, at 7:30pm

Journey to the Center of The EarthIn March we go on anther of Jules Verne's classic voyages, this time to the center of the Earth, with James Mason, Arlene Dahl, and Pat Boone. Not Rated
Saturday March 2, at 7:30pm

RodanThis monster movie takes us to Japan, where miners wake up a prehistoric flying reptile, which gets on the wrong side of the bed and procedes to wreak havoc across Japan. Not Rated
Saturday April 6, at 7:30pm

Fantastic VoyageThis is a fantastic and spectacular voyage though the human body into the brain. Staring Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, and others. Rated PG
Saturday May 4, at 7:30pm

MothraThis monster movie takes back to Japan, where atomic testing creates several mutations, including a moth the size of a jet liner and a pair of young ladies that are only a foot tall. Not Rated
Saturday June 1, at 7:30pm

At the Earth's CoreIn July we head down deep into the Earth populated with monsters and cavemen (and cavewomen too). Travel with Doug McClure, Peter Cushing, and Caroline Munro in Edgar Rice Burroughs's At the Earth's Core. Rated PG
Saturday July 6, at 7:30pm

ThemIn August, we encounter another unintended result of atomic testing: enormous ants that crawl all the way from Nevada to Los Angles, wreaking havoc all along the way. Not Rated
Saturday August 3, at 7:30pm

Lost In SpaceIn September, we go on a voyage to outer space and promtly get Lost In Space. This is the 1990s movie version of the classic 1960s TV series, featuring Gary Oldman, William Hurt, and Matt LeBlanc. Rated PG-13
Saturday September 7, at 7:30pm

The BlobIn October, Steve McQueen and friends battle the Blob, which is indescribable, indestructible, which nothing can stop. Approved for all audiences
Saturday October 5, at 7:30pm

Event HorizonIn early November, we travel on the Event Horizon and see what it has brought back from beyond the event horizon of a black hole. Rated R.
Saturday November 2, at 7:30pm

The ThingIn late November, we go to Antartica to battle The Thing with Kurt Russell. Rated R.
Saturday November 30, at 7:30pm

A downloadable PDF of this article is available here: SciFiSeries2019Season.pdf.

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