Author: Robert Heller

Fiscal 2024 Revaluation Of Real And Personal Property In The Town Of Wendell

In compliance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 56, the Board of Assessors has completed a revaluation of all real and personal property in the Town of Wendell and has received Preliminary Certification from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue for all properties for Fiscal Year 2024. Analysis of real estate transactions from January 2021 … Continued

Wendell Board Of Health Reminder, November 19, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and we have much to look forward to: celebratory dinners with family and friends, special events, holiday decorating and caroling, to name a few. The Wendell Holiday Craft Fair at the Town Hall is scheduled for Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9. Our many talented crafters always have … Continued

Educational opportunity for all Town Departments, Boards and Committees

I am offering training sessions for all individuals who either submit revenue turnovers to the Treasurer, Payroll submissions to the Treasurer or Bill Schedule turnovers to the Town Accountant. I would appreciate a member of each department to attend for either a refresher or learning from scratch. I will provide updated forms with account name … Continued

The Website Committee Is Looking for new members

The new website is up and will soon be the official posting place for the town. The Website Committee is responsible for maintaining the website and is looking for new / additional members. If you are interested and have at least minimal tech skill, please consider joining this committee. Check out our page for more … Continued

Town Clerk Office Hours

Next Saturday (October 21st) the Town Clerk’s office will be open from 9-10 am and 12:30 -2 pm

Old and older town reports available!

The Town Clerk’s office has many old Annual Town Reports available for adoption. Complete your personal collection or start a new one! Read up on the handwriting skills of the students of yore. Please stop by the town clerk’s office to pick up any (or all!) copies.

Wendell Board Of Health Update For September 2023

WENDELL BOARD OF HEALTH UPDATE FOR SEPTEMBER 2023 Pfizer and Moderna each have new monovalent mRNA Covid vaccines that should be available now through health centers, major pharmacies and doctors’ offices. They are recommended for all people 6 months of age and older. Check with your provider for dosage for those under 12 or if … Continued

Local Wendell Cultural Council Grant Funding/ Application for Submission is NOW OPEN.

The deadline for this application is October 17, 2023.  This year, ONLINE SUBMISSIONS will be the ONLY form of acceptable application.  (In the past there were paper available).  TO apply/ info: For more info, contact Phyllis Lawrence, Chair (413) 367 2175 The Wendell Cultural Council is a local agency of the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  Individuals … Continued

BIOSECURITY: Protecting Your Backyard Flock

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has been found in either wild water birds, domestic birds, or both along the east coast from Canada to Florida, including Massachusetts and other New England states. HPAI surveillance of domestic and wild birds in MA is ongoing. All domestic poultry in Massachusetts may be at risk of exposure to … Continued

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