Paving Project on Wendell Depot Road

Posted on May 20, 2024

The Warner Bros Paving Company will begin a major paving project on Wendell Depot Road on Wednesday, May 22 and plan to finish on Friday May 24. Residents should be aware there will be delays due to moving equipment between various locations on the road, and due to a single lane of traffic during the 3 days of paving. There will also be periods of delay due whatever resident traffic must use the road during that period.

Residents are requested to use alternative routes whenever possible. The Town Highway department will be on site during the paving project, and both the town and the paving company will post notices so drivers will be advised.

The Highway Crew and the Road Commission ask folks to practice patience, to drive slowly around the construction activities, and to be aware that there are many persons and employees in harm’s way.

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