Addressing Your Beaver Problem

  • Contact the Wendell Board of Health and discuss perceived problem
    Attend site visit with Wendell Board of Health Agent to determine if an emergency threat to health and safety exists (see-attached list). If our department makes a negative determination, you may appeal to the State Department of Public Health or the Director of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.
  • Begin discussion with neighbors and / or abutters involved. You will need signed consent forms for all property owners affected. You can obtain ownership information from the Assessors Office at Town Hall.
  • Fill out “Application for Beaver Removal Permit” obtained from the Wendell Board of Health.
  • Contract with a Certified and State License Trapper to perform animal removal. The trapper must sign a copy of the permit at our office before permit is issued.
  • Contact a reputable company who specializes in the installation of water level control devices (see Board of Health for a list) and work with them to devise a long-term solution. If an existing beaver population is trapped out, others will move in to prime habitat areas after one or two breeding seasons. Properly monitored and maintained water-level control devices are the preferred long-term solution. A permit must be obtained from the Wendell Conservation Commission for all work near or in a wetland or any alteration to beaver structures. The professional you hire to do perform such work should be familiar with permitting process.

Good Luck!

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