Meeting Posting and Material Submission Form

Posting requirements

Meetings with agendas need to be publicly posted at least 2 business days before the meeting at the town’s official posting place. It was voted at town meeting that the town’s official posting place is the town’s website.  Use the form below to submit meeting materials. This will get the materials to the Town Clerk.  Please allow time for these people to get the materials on the website, which should be not more than 24 hours.

Future Meeting Schedule

If the board or committee has a known meeting schedule, this schedule can be sent to the Website Committee and/or the Town Coordinator and we will populate the meeting schedule with just the meeting name, date, time, and location.  You will still need to provide agendas for the meetings, again allowing time for the agendas to be added.

Minutes and Videos

Once the minutes have been approved, they can be sent to the Website Committee and/or the Town Coordinator  and they can then be uploaded.  Simularly, a Zoom recording can be uploaded to the town's YouTube channel by the Town Coordinator.

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