Agricultural Commission

What is an Agricultural Commission (AgCom)?

A town agricultural commission (AgCom) is a standing committee of town government, created through a vote of Town Meeting and appointed by the Board of Selectmen or governing body of the town. AgComs represent the farming community, encourage the pursuit of agriculture, promote agricultural economic development and protect farmlands and farm businesses, and preserve, revitalize and sustain agricultural businesses and land.  In some communities they focus on farmland preservation efforts, while in others they review regulatory proposals developed by other town boards (planning board, board of health, conservation commission, etc), or provide marketing coordination to assist all farms in town.  Others have played key roles in mediating farmer/neighbor disputes, or simply providing referrals for farmers needing better information.  By working within town government through an AgCom, farmers enhance their credibility, and are viewed as part of the problem-solving team.

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The Wendell Agricultural Commission began in 2006.

Members (5)

  • Linda Hickman, Chair
  • Laurel Facey, Secretary
  • Marianne Vinal, Treasurer
  • Nicole Burton
  • Vacancy
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