Conservation Permit

Any projects (i.e. tree clearing, earth work, new construction, percolation tests, septic fields, roadway/driveways, etc.) that involve work within 100′ of wetlands or 200′ of a vernal pool or riverfront area will require filing for a permit from the Conservation Commission. In addition, building permits, septic systems, and drinking wells require sign-off from the Conservation Commission.

Wetlands are defined in the Wendell General Wetlands Protection Bylaw as any freshwater wetland, isolated wetland, marsh, wet meadow, spring, bog, or swamp; any vernal pool; any bank; any land under water bodies or waterways; any riverfront area; and any land subject to flooding (bordering and isolated).

Project Information

If you are unsure if your project involves work in wetlands or adjacent resource areas, please contact the Conservation Commission and/or submit a Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA). The form and instructions can be found at:

If you know that your project will involve work in wetlands or adjacent resource areas, please submit a Notice of Intent (NOI). The form and instructions can be found at:

The MassDEP RDA and NOI forms can be used for filings under both the Wetlands Protection Act and Wendell General Wetlands Protection Bylaw.

Please be aware some lands are subject to regulations outside of the Wendell Conservation Commission’s jurisdiction. Landowners and/or individuals looking to purchase land should look into whether the land in question is subject to the Watershed Protection Act (which includes the Quabbin Reservoir Watershed) and/or subject to the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP).

MassMapper Tool

Please be aware the wetlands layer on the online tool Mass Mapper can not be used to determine wetland jurisdiction in the Town of Wendell as it does not include all of the wetland resources specified in the Wendell General Wetlands Bylaw. The Conservation Commission may be able to help you determine the extent of wetlands on your property or will request you hire a Wetland Scientist for delineation work.

Please reach out to the Conservation Commission or its Agent with any questions.

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