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Website Committee

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the website is to provide accurate and timely public information to residents, including:

  • Information about town services, including hours, locations, and policies;
  • Rosters, office hours (if applicable), and meeting information (postings, agendas, and minutes) for all boards, commissions, and committees;
  • All other public information generated by all boards, commissions, and committees (e.g. reports);
  • Any information that is accessible to the public in person at the town offices; and
  • A calendar of public meetings, recreational events, changes to/cancellations of normal service hours.

The purpose of the website committee is to ensure that:

  • Public information on the website is well-organized and easily accessible to all residents;
  • The website is compliant with the ADA and other relevant regulations;
  • Town officials understand what the website is capable of;
  • Town officials are able to easily post, edit, and remove information from the website;
  • As the needs of residents and town government evolve, the website changes to continue serving.

The committee members will be available on an as needed basis to town government officials. All of the committee members have administrator privileges and can provide assistance with "back-end" website tasks, such as creating or editing modules, adding or configuring plugins, elevating user privileges, creating new sections, categories, menus or menu items (pages).





Aug 20 2024
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