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  • Marriage License
  • Dog License
  • Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates
  • Election Information
  • Voter Registration
  • Absentee Ballots
  • Meeting Postings/Agendas
  • Street Lists
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  • General Information on: Genealogy, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, etc.

Additional information for town officials:

Upcoming Primary Election Schedule

The early voting hours for the September Primary:
August 24 5-7 PM
August 27 10 - 2
September 2 3-5 PM

Election Results May 2, 2022

Selectboard - Gillian Budine

Town Moderator - Kathleen Nolan

Cemetery Commissioner - Sylvia Wetherby

Town Constable - Anne Diemand-Bucci

Road Commissioner- Patrick Taylor

School Committee - Beth Erviti

Library Trustee - Phyllis Lawrence

Tree Warden - Clifford Dornbusch

Write in candidates

Mary Thomas - Planning Board

Seal LaMadeleine - Planning Board

Paula King - Library Trustee

91 people, 8% of the voting population.

Anna Wetherby
Wendell Town Clerk
Notary Public
9 Morse Village Road
P. O. Box 41
Wendell MA 01379
Tel. (978) 544-3395 x102

Upcoming Election Schedule

The local election is Monday, May 2, 2022 with poll open from noon to 8 PM.

The state primary is Sept. 6, 2022 polls 7 am -8 pm

The state election is November 8, 2022 polls 7 am -8 pm.

If you are interested in working at an election, please email the Town Clerk. Poll workers are paid and fed!

NOVEMBER 3, 2020 Presidential Election VOTE BY MAIL APPLICATION

Those voters who completed a Vote By Mail application can expect to have their ballots mailed to them directly from the Town Clerk's Office as soon as we have received the Ballots from the State. Early October is the goal.

Wendell, Massachusetts

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