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Open Meeting Law

All members of any public body from the Planning Board to the Playground Committee must conform to the Open Meeting Law (OML) which is intended to ensure transparency in town government and deliberations. All meetings of a public body must be open to the public, and public bodies must post notice of meetings at least 48 hours in advance, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. Within two weeks of an appointment or election, all members of any public body must receive educational materials related to the OML from the Town Clerk and certify the receipt of same. Additional information and links to all OML documents are provided below.

All appointed and elected officials must sign the Certificate of Receipt of the Open Meeting Law materials and a return a copy to the Town Clerk’s office. Use the links provided below to read through the required materials. If you do not have internet access, obtain paper copies of the OML documents from the Town Clerk. Your signature on the Certificate of Receipt indicates that you have received the materials, understand the requirements of the OML and the consequences for violating it.

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