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Voting Registration on-line

The Massachusetts Elections Division now provides a link (see below) to allow the mail-in voter registration form to be available on-line. The forms are available as fillable pdf's in English, Spanish and Chinese. Applicants can complete the forms using the computer, but will still have to print and sign and return the form to the Town Clerk's office.


WENDELL May 5, 2014 - Annual Town Election Results

Total Votes Cast = 112

Percent of the registered voters that cast ballots = 17%

Number of ballots cast for each Candidate:

  • Selectboard
    • Dan Keller: 108
  • Board of Assessors
    • Chris Prunier Wings: 107
  • Town Clerk
    • Gretchen C. Smith: 110
  • Tax Collector
    • Penny Delorey: 110
  • Treasurer
    • Carolyn U. Manley: 110
  • Board of Health
    • Nina E. Keller: 108
    • Shay W. Cooper: 104
  • Planning Board
    • Nancy J. Riebschlaeger: 89
  • Moderator
    • Kathleen W. Nolan: 110
  • Cemetery Commissioner
    • Joel A. Sears: 101
  • Road Commissioner
    • Geoffrey T. Richardson: 107
  • School Committee
    • Jessalyn Lee Zaykoski: 102
    • Johanna B. Bartlett: 104
  • Tree Warden
    • Peter S. Zera: 103
  • Library Trustee
    • Judith N. Putnam: 108
    • Sylvia A. Wetherby: 108

WENDELL May 1, 2017 - Annual Town Election Results

WENDELL May 1, 2017 - Annual Town Election Results 
Total Votes Cast = 319 
Percent of the registered voters that cast ballots = 44% 
Number of cast ballots for each Candidate:  
Vote Count 
Daniel W. Keller 
Raymond J. DiDonato 
No preference = blank 





The inhabitants of the Town of Wendell, Franklin SS, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all others that may be concerned therein, are hereby warned and notified that the following is a true copy of the recent amendment to the town's Wetlands Protection Bylaw as adopted by the Town of Wendell on March 16, 2017 and approved by the Attorney General on June 2, 2017.

The adopted Bylaw is 12 pages in length. The first paragraph of each section is presented here. The full text is available for review at the Town Clerk's Office or on demand via email. The intent of the authors was not to change the bylaw, but rather to bring it up to date with respect to language and content.

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